Sealy/Temper-pedic - Mrs

Posted on Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 at 4:18pm CDT by 3b972c22

Company: Sealy/Temper-pedic

Location: VA, US

Category: Furniture

Less than 2 years ago, I won a Sealy Posturpedic set. Imagine my joy to win a king sized pillow top! And it did seem very very nice.

After about a year, we started to notice a saggy spot where each of us sleep. Those spots have continued to grow.

Now there are big, uncomfortable dips with a huge hill in the middle. The bed is like a "W". I contacted Sealy.

There is no warranty on the brand new, in the box mattress set because it was a prize and I have no receipt with my name on it. The tag manufacture date is 3/12/12, so it's not like I am trying to get something for some old piece of doodoo.

Sealy doesn't care a bit that their product is substandard or that I am unhappy. They do not stand behind their products, so I bet they'd find reasons to void warranties other ways too.

I have read a number of complaints very similar to mine, so I believe this company's products should be avoided.

I am suggesting to you that you should consider a profound lack of customer service and customer satisfaction when you are shopping for a new mattress set. Avoid Sealy and their sister Temper-Pedic.


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