Dating Psychos - Dating Psychos website needs to be taken down

Posted on Tuesday, April 1st, 2014 at 1:54pm CDT by Helen D.

Company: Dating Psychos

Location: unknown Possibly California or Texas


Category: Online Scams

I'm seeing that there are quite a few complaints around on the internet about a disgusting web site called Dating Psychos dot Com., but very few follow ups. is a website that allows ANYONE to post your information for all to see. This website has one purpose and one purpose only, it is for vengeful people to post ALL information on an ex husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or just someone they have a grudge against and the worst part being that after doing some investigation, that the owners of the website have been known to look for information on people on the internet and make up profiles and put them up on there!! The person posting remains anonymous...although they do have to register, and I say the term "register" very losely as we all know they don't have to use their real names etc.

When I say all of your information I do mean all...your name is allowed IN FULL (first, last middle), your address, your phone number/numbers, your age, your email address/addresses. I know this because by chance I did a search for my name on Google and came up 2nd in the search! I went to read and was sick to my stomach as there it all was for anyone on the internet to see, including prospective employers. I then did a search for my email address and AGAIN came up second in a Google search.

Not only is all of the above in the profile they can post ANYTHING in length that they want about you, mine contained totally false things that were extremely horrible. I spent hours literally sick to my stomach and about went out of my mind...not knowing who would have seen this, I didn't waste to much time worrying about who posted it (ex comes to mind) I spent that time worrying about HOW DO I GET THIS OFF OF THE INTERNET!

There are THOUSANDS of profiles on ... imagine the lives that can and will be destroyed by this information. After going to the site probably 100 times I started to look up on the internet how to get it removed...but low and behold there on the website are links that take you to sites that can have your profile removed...AT A COST...I looked at all 3 of them. MInd you this is after finding many posts on complaint boards from others that this has happened to. This website has been around since about 2008, I have a few names of who owns or has owned the site, but no one knows for sure who does.

After much deliberation with myself I checked out all three sites that claimed they can take it down...all offered a guarantee that it would be taken down and removed from search engines as well. I paid $299 to have my profile taken down. It seemed like a shady website as well...and I could almost bet it was actually DatingPsychos that ran that site as well...but I took a chance after printing up all of the information from DatingPsychos and the site that said they could have it removed...and it was all paid thru PayPal, so I figured I had some type of backup had it not been taken down. The website I used that said they could take it down quaranted it to be gone within 2 days from the site and a week from search engines. Low and behold it was gone within a matter of hours..

which leads me to believe even more that it is the same people that run datingpsychos website. I find it hard to believe that anyone else but them can get it down that quickly. I never received an email that it was taken down or that they received the money, nothing at all. I am going to do a better search on who owns both sites, but I'd like to know if any other people have had any dealings with datingpsychos...if you do please post here...I am putting this out all over the internet in hopes that one day this site can be closed down. I will be posting more info as I find it and can confirm it.


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