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Posted on Tuesday, April 1st, 2014 at 2:53pm CDT by 97bcc142

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It apparently is impossible to get a complete list of your iTunes purchases without paging through 20,30 or more pages on the iTunes website and taking a screen shot of each individual page. When you go to iTunes to your account page and select "See All" under purchases, they only show about 10 purchases. You then have to (slowly) page through your history to see every one. There also is no way to download that history.

When I contacted iTunes support, the ONLY solution they could offer was to page through each of the 50 pages showing my history and take a screen shot of each one. They said they couldn't send me a list because of "privacy" and "confidentiality" concerns.

So Apple, a super high tech company that has had iTunes since 2004 hasn't figured out a convenient way for customers to confidentially get a list of their complete purchase history without screen shots!?! I find that unbelievable and it leads me to think that they just don't WANT a customer to be able to conveniently access this information. Perhaps because then that customer might too easily total up how many $$$$$ they are spending on iTunes each year. Sounds like marketing BS to me.

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Gary L., 2014-04-15, 11:05AM CDT

I do not have a i-tune account but have had many charges to my credit car, some as much as $112.00. And I have never purchased from them. I have had to cancel two credit cards and get a police report only to have your bank account credited as a provisional credit. These unauthorized charges happens to some of my friend also and they too have no account with i-tunes.

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