Progressive Business Publications - Safety Compliance Alert Magazine Scam

Posted on Tuesday, April 1st, 2014 at 8:33am CDT by Mark R.

Product: Safety Compliance Alert

Company: Progressive Business Publications

Location: US


Category: Education

I was called relentlessly by this company hawking their product, when I finally said I would give it a try, they wouldn't let me cancel do to the fact that I didn't receive an invoice packaged in the second magazine, that to my knowledge I never received.

Be careful they will call and threaten your personal credit and the company you are working for as well.

Don't call them, don't signup for any free trails with them, I can't believe these days that they get away with selling products over the internet, but not allowing a person to cancel the same way they signed up, via the webpage, rather than an invoice in a magazine that may or may not have been delivered.


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