Bio Concepts Inc - Custom-made Compression Arm Sleeve

Posted on Monday, March 31st, 2014 at 3:17pm CDT by 758561f2

Product: compression garment manufacturer

Company: Bio Concepts Inc

Location: 2424 E. University Drive
PHOENIX, AZ, 85034, US


Category: Health, Beauty

I'm only posting this complaint in hopes it helps other shoppers in the future. This happened about 4 years ago. I know I should have posted sooner. I was going through some very hard times at the time of purchasing the compression garment.

Through online and email communication, I purchased a custom-made arm compression sleeve for treating lymphedema in my arm (from when I had breast cancer surgery a long time ago). I needed a new compression sleeve that fit my current arm size. I took measurements according to the direction of Bio-Concepts and Frank Reichenbacher with the order desk. I faxed in the document (which they provided). I spent about $90. What I got back in the mail was a sleeve not cut to my measurements. The sleeve was so small that I lost blood circulation and had to immediately remove it. I measured the sleeve and realized Bio-Concepts cut the top band measurement (for example) a whole 5 inches smaller (I sent in for the band to be 17 inches)!! When I emailed Frank Reichenbacher at customer service, he said that they had to cut it smaller because of the compression I requested. This doesn't make sense to me. I thought compression depended on the type of fabric used. Why would you reduce the top band (which by-the-way is only there to help hold up the sleeve so it doesn't slip and fall down all the time). I know that compression for lymphedema in the arm is suppose to be as even of a pressure as you can get. So why would you reduce the sizes, let alone 5 inches at one spot and by other varying amounts along the sleeve? Reichenbacher said they could modify the sleeve band for an additional $30!! The whole sleeve was reduced in size from the measurements I sent in, just not 5 inches, but reduced at every measurement increment that I sent in. The whole sleeve is way too small. I still have the original paperwork and sleeve stored. I emailed Reichenbacher, said I cannot wear this sleeve because it is too small and stops blood circulation in the arm. My fingers and arm hurt and get tingly and numb.

I wish I could have received a refund or for Bio-Concepts to make me a new sleeve to my measurements as requested. According to Bio-Concepts web site, Frank Reichenbacher still works there, but Bill and Frank Reichenbacher are owners!

Hope this helps other shoppers when looking for a compression garment. I advise to look elsewhere than with Bio-Concepts. They apparently do not really know what they are doing, or just simply do not sincerely care about their customers, the quality of their products, and in truly helping their customers and keeping them satisfied.


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