Bob's Discount Furniture - livingroom set

Posted on Monday, March 31st, 2014 at 8:51pm CDT by Bob K.

Product: livingroom set

Company: Bob's Discount Furniture

Location: 92 Cluff Crossing Rd
SALEM, MA, 03079, US


Category: Furniture

We purchased a living room set which from the start had moving cushions. You push them in and sit on them but when you get up they migrate to the front of the love seat, chair or couch and you have to fix them every time.

After trying 2 sided tape, rug tape and non-slip padding used in draws and for throw rugs nothing worked. I contacted the customer service department and a service tech came out. He tried after positioning the cushions as he saw fit and got the same result. He then got on the phone and called someone in his department who looked up the model number of the set. She came back on (on speaker) and said they did not have any other complaints for this set so there was nothing they could do.(That is what she said but there was no written proof) The service tech looked dumbfounded and said he sees what we reported. She then suggested what I had already tried. When I asked to talk to her, she hung up. The tech said sorry and left.

Bob talks about honesty with other companies claiming to have free delivery but nothing is free. Well he says that if you have an issue to call him. The only thing is that you can't get connected to him my voice, phone message or email. It's false accusations. I even went to the store to complain with pictures and they said I made them appear that way. When I asked for the service number for the tech's name who saw it, they said they didn't have a record of it.

I should have contacted the Attorney General's office but didn't. Why I don't remember.

I have since spread the word and so far 8 people I know who were looking for furniture never stepped foot in any of his stores because they saw first hand what I was going through. They also didn't want to buy something that Bob would not stand behind.

I went back to Jordan's Furniture again and just ordered a replacement set because my upstairs set is now 13 years old and just started to show cushion wear.

Do yourself a favor and go the Jordan's because you do get in quality what you pay for and they stand behind their product from others that I know.


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