Orleans Homebuilders - Defective Roof

Posted on Sunday, March 30th, 2014 at 11:02am CDT by Benjamin B.

Company: Orleans Homebuilders

Location: 3333 Street Road, Ste 101

URL: www.orleanshomes.com

Category: Home, Garden

Over the course of owning our house for less than 2 years we have lost several shingles on several different occasions (all less than 30mph wind). We had someone come out during warranty and had to flag down the roofers in the neighborhood another time, because no one from Orleans was responding. 3 weeks ago, in our estimation, 5-10 shingles blew off in the same area of our roof and we called the warranty dept. They explained that they'd probably be able to work with us because clearly this wasn't a manufacturer issue. After 2 weeks of barely any engagement and days in-between info, they finally called back saying that it wasn't covered despite that he indicated to me several times that we clearly have a defective roof. I then reached out to cust. service via Facebook and was assured that someone would be contacting me shortly. Twice. No one ever called, this sitting an waiting has now pushed us into 3 days of rain. Water has been coming in from my daughters ceiling for 2 days now and the sheetrock will have to be replaced. I almost wonder if you guys are ashamed of working there. I was going to post something on BBB, but the rating is a "D" and none of the complaints have been responded to in 2 years.

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chris Pat W, 2014-11-21, 09:54AM CST

This sounds like the many of Meadows at Mansfield community residents. A few months ago there were over 30 complaints from all over the US that this sham of a builder built. They seem to be removed. Thats odd. I hope you got in before the 1st bankrutpcy Orleans filed. The craftsmanship and corner cutting is 10x worse after their bankruptcy. The shingles were discontinued and they got a discount on the purchase. They slapped them on the roofs but they were dry, brittle and defective product that cant sustain 20 mph winds. Orleans keeps their empty head in the sand. Luckily we paid for the upgrade and do not have this issue.

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