Manav Sthali School - This school ruined my life

Posted on Saturday, March 29th, 2014 at 3:45pm CDT by fd b.

Company: Manav Sthali School

Location: R-Block, New Rajinder Nagar New Delhi ? 110060

Category: Education

Manav Sthali School R-Block, New Rajinder Nagar New Delhi ? 110060 Phone : 28742464, 28743197

It is disgusting to see Manav Sthali School put out a ethics statement when I was harassed regularly in this school not only by students by by some teachers. This is the link-

IT IS laughable. In my board exams some school teachers came to pass notes to students when exam proctor was taking break. Teachers then were asking students to pass on exam answers in the exam room! This school was interested ONLY in getting good board exam results.

I was beaten by a teacher for studying chemistry in a maths class. I had a chemistry test in next session. Was this a crime that I deserved to be beaten? No, this school did not care.

I was attacked by a classmate simply because he did not like me! No teacher came to intervene! Not one.

I was bullied in school bus by a student who had failed 3 classes. Along with him was a girl and another male student from 2 classes below me! This school did not care 1 bit.

In extreme stress, I dropped out of this school. This school simply never bothered to reach out to me.

What Manav Sthali School gave me only this - scars of abuse I got there that have lasted me through out my life.


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