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Posted on Wednesday, March 26th, 2014 at 4:37pm CDT by K R.

Product: Public Adjuster

Company: Metro Public Adjuster

Location: Bensalem PA


Category: Home, Garden

We hired Metro PA to help us with an insurance claim from water damage to the ground floor of our home including living room, kitchen and office that occurred Nov 3, 2013, as recommended highly by a neighbor. We hired them based on being told: don't worry, we are going to take care of everything, this is going to be hassle free and we will make sure that you get the money that the insurance will try to find a way not to give you. The issues began with terrible communication. After the PA left the home, he emailed me a few times in the first week trying to get a few more details he hadn't collected. A part of the contract stated that "Metro's services include....investigating the loss," I investigated quite a bit of the details needed including the people who provided the flooring, the exact flooring, their contact information, the builders who were needed re: cabinet information,( whom Metro claimed they never were able to contact, yet I called them and got the information regarding our cabinets in a 5 minute phone call, and the name of the cabinet installers). At the time of the walk through, the public adjuster nor the insurance adjuster were able to examine if there was any specific damage to the cabinets, and it was left at that. After that it was I who was frequently in contact with the PA to get information on the status of the estimates. After a few weeks, I had asked the PA if they were going to have someone by to examine the cabinets to see if there was remaining moisture or any damage to the cabinets and the initial response was, you can hire a contractor or I can recommend one. I asked who he recommended and arranged the appointment and this random contractor was supposed to basically just state, that yes there was damage, and a further assessment needed to be made, but he proposed and estimate and sent it to the PA who then put it into the estimate without any further investigation. Metro continued to tell me, don't worry we can always submit a supplement for the cabinets, but I never understood why, if they could go ahead an evaluate them prior to submitting an estimate so that we could go ahead and get the insurance money we needed at one time and fix our home, without prolonging something that did not need to be prolonged. In the meantime, I felt like I never received any communication from Metro unless it was myself who was inquiring, and the next thing I know, without review of any estimates, I receive settlement checks from my insurance company in the in the mail in late December. This does not correspond with the contract either - it clearly states ..."effecting a settlement subject to your approval." I never reviewed anything prior to getting the checks, and was told that they couldn't control what the insurance company did and the excuse was that don't worry, now we can submit everything to the insurance company without having to go through the field adjuster anymore. At this point, I began to complain that I was dissatisfied with the customer service, and the communication. I did not feel that I should be paying them 25% of our settlement when I felt that I was doing a lot of work for the claim, when I thought it was supposed to be "hassle free," and hence why I hired this company. The person, Bill Underkoffler at Metro, who took our complaints said that he could not change the contract, but he felt he had to do something for us and offered to buy us dinner. A nice gesture, but that does not solve significant dissatisfaction with the service that was both verbalized and contracted and not performed at quality levels. At this point, I had to continue on and work on the supplement, as I was concerned about the cabinet damage because the estimate was from a random contractor in town and not a cabinet professional and was submit to the insurance and put in as part of the claim, but the PA nor the insurance field adjuster ever came back out to the home themselves to review the damage nor make sure that the proper professional examined the damage and provided proper estimations for the work. It was at some point recommended by the PA to get a second opinion. Once again, I put myself to work and I hired 3 contractors to evaluate our cabinet issues and give estimates and recommendations to the work. I submit the estimate from a cabinet professional to the PA 1/21. On 1/22, he claimed to have sent the information to the "the insurance company." On 1/27 when I emailed for a follow-up, he then told me the field adjuster denied the supplement and needed more supporting documentation, ( I was told prior the supplement goes directly to the insurance, not the field adjuster). I then provided additional information requested by the field adjuster to the PA, he said he was going to just send them to the insurance company and bypass the adjuster, as I questioned this previous statement. I followed up again on 1/31 with the PA and he said that he received the information and would be then forwarding this straight to the insurance company. As of Feb 12, on another follow up with the PA, he claimed he put a second request for follow up into the insurance company. At this point, I became concerned and elected to contact my insurance company personally, and upon inquiry found out that they have never received any documentation and in fact that there was no activity on it since January 15. I again contacted Metro, initially the PA who reported that he wasn't sure "what happened or why", but that it was sent the past Friday which would have been 2/14. I also contacted Bill Underkoffler on 2/17 and complained about this situation. (Date that I sent and received this information from Metro (2/17)). I called the insurance company on 2/25 and was told once again that nothing was ever received from Metro PA. I asked if I could send it myself and faxed it over. At this point, I was very disappointed not only in this lengthy delay but that I was being told things were being done and yet they were not. As of 2/27 due to significant disappointment in the service we received and the poor communication to us and within their company, as well as not being told the truth throughout the entire process, I asked Bill Underkoffler to write a letter to our insurance company terminating our contract with them. He agreed without argument that same day but made sure to explain that we still owed them their fee. Even after that, I received a phone call on 3/3 from a person at Metro saying they sent in the cabinet documentation that day; this is a long time past 2/14 when they said they sent it in. The issue is, my fianc? and I waited thinking that things were being done, when ultimately mistakes were being made and nothing was being done unless I did it myself, or unless I questioned them about it. This whole experience was terrible. After the checks were essentially in process, I expressed once again my disappointment in the entire service rendered and asked for documentation from Bill Underkoffler, after we paid them approximately $64000.00. I asked for all of the documentation between Metro, between Metro and myself and between Metro and my insurance company as well as an invoice of all the services rendered by Metro that can justify a fee of $6400.00 and a copy of the estimate made by the insurance adjuster, to compare what he came up with, versus what they came up with to prove that they actually helped us. I wanted to know what exactly they did for us and why we should pay that much. He said he would send the documents but the fee was based on a contingency fee and could not provide an invoice of services. Based on the definition of contingency fee, the fee is paid only if there is a favorable result. I received some of the requested documentation, but am missing the invoice, and the communication logs after 1/15. Also upon inspection of the estimate proposed by the insurance adjuster, there is only a $1000.00 difference. We hired them because they told us they would recover the maximum to cover all damages and replacement costs, and now we are actually short $5400.00 because they only recovered an extra $1000.00 compared to what the insurance adjuster estimated. Currently, we are still working with our insurance regarding our cabinet damage, we have $6400.00 less to cover all the replacement items and repair of the damage in the home, and have been living in a disrupted home for 4.5 months as we cannot start the work until we know what we are dealing with. We do not feel that Metro fulfilled their end of the contract and certainly would not consider this a favorable result. If they were willing to terminate our contract without completion of the entire claim, that tells me that they recognize that they have not done a successful job providing their services per the contract. This is been a very poor experience and I don't believe they deserve that entire fee as essentially they did not fulfill their end of the contract nor do their job.

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a2d248f1, 2015-07-20, 11:11AM CDT

Wow. Usually a claim that small we charge 35% and it's worth every penny. Homeowners are their own worst enemy. When they call the insurance company, more often than not, end up saying things that will minimize their coverage.

The insurance company trains their people to interrogate you and get you to make statements that help them minimize the claim. Studies show that using a public adjuster typically results in a 60%-75% higher setllment than if homeowners did the claim on their own.

That first check from the insurance adjuster was, no doubt, for a larger scope of damage and repair estimate than if you did it on your own. Also check your estimate, was there money in their for Overhead and profit? It's usually 20% of the total estimate. This money is for a homeowner because they have to act as their own general contractor. That offsets almost our entire fee in this case. So our services only took 5% out of the repair money.

Metro is the largest in the nation. Their scope adjusters and negotiators have over 500 years combined experience between them. Metro has specialists in every discipline of damage. From IICRC certification to HAAG roof certification and many more.

Metro even went the extra mile for you and got an additional $1000 that the insurance company didn't originally agree to.

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