Westgate Resorts, c/o Central Florida Investments, Inc - Sales Scam

Posted on Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 at 11:00am CDT by Stewart I.

Product: Wesgate Time Shares

Company: Westgate Resorts, c/o Central Florida Investments, Inc

Location: 5601 Windhover Dr. Orlando FL 32819
ORLANDO, FL, 32819, US

URL: http://www.westgatedestinations.com/

Category: Travel, Vacations

Seller - Westgate Resorts, c/o Central Florida Investments, Inc., 5601 Windhover Dr., Orlando, Florida

We purchased a Timeshare at Westgate Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, in October 2007. At the time of the recent purchase, Mr. Ferretti noticed quickly how antsy our son was since he had to sit for the presentation that lasted over 3 hours and he was only 10 years old. This was supposed to be a 90 minute presentation to current time share owners. He used it to distract us into this purchase. We erroneously relied on the fact that our first Timeshare purchase at Westgate Villas in Orlando had not contained misrepresentations. None of the reasons that led to our purchase have been realized. Additionally, when we stayed at the resort, we were disappointed to find out that the pool was reserved for a college group that was extremely rowdy. When we tried to use it, our son was subjected to drunken college students. We wish to be rid of this scam and have our money returned. At the time of the sales pitch there were several material misrepresentations made by the Westgate sales staff to entice us to make the purchase. The representatives involved in the most recent sale gave us false information that led to us agreeing to the purchase. Included but not limited to the below issues are some of the reasons we are seeking contract cancellation.

Value ? The location was stated to be upscale and more desirable then other properties. It?s proximity to the Las Vegas strip made the timeshare more valuable. The land on the strip was very limited so purchasing that day would give us a very valuable property. Additionally, a second building was set to be built as well as a rooftop pool for the owners to use. In fact full color brochure was presented showing the two buildings. As of today, the second building has not been built.

Rental Income ? We were told several times that the location of the timeshare would allow us to earn a huge profit if we rented it for conventions or sporting events held in Las Vegas. The sales representative told us we could earn $5000 for our week. He even drew up charts and calculations with detailed information on the income we could receive.

Referrals ? The Westgate sales representatives told us we could earn a referral bonus for supplying names. We supplied over 30 names but never received any bonus. People we referred told us they had great difficulty in understanding what the Westgate people were requesting and ended up not booking a trip.

Maintenance Fees ? Although there have been few changes if any our maintenance has gone up every year. We were told that the maintenance fees would remain stable since there were plans to add more units. The only time it would increase was if there was a special assessment. This is completely false. We were originally paying $755 and now the fees for 2014 are over $1,100. The maintenance fees alone make it unaffordable for most people.

Availability ? We had the option of exchanging to go anywhere we wanted. We were told the only limitations were New Years and Christmas. In June 2013, we attempted to make reservations at the Flamingo in Las Vegas but there was no availability. In the end, we went to a resort in Florida but then had to pay an additional $250 fee.

Property Ownership ? The Westgate Planet Hollywood was sold to Hilton Vacations and became the Elara. We were not advised that the property was changing hands. Our first indication was our maintenance bill from Hilton Vacations. No certified mail was sent to alert us to the change.

We have made several attempts to resolve this matter and have been told ?there is nothing they can do? on every occasion. This is after they have been paid over $ 20,000.

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