Avvo.com - avvo.com complaint

Posted on Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 at 9:55pm CDT by 29bd3bdd

Product: AVVO.com

Company: Avvo.com

Location: Avvo, Inc. 705 Fifth Avenue South, Suite 600 Seattle, WA 98104

URL: www.avvo.com

Category: Law, Civil Rights

Avvo monitors attorney complaints and does not post negative complaints. Avvo approved a complaint I placed on an attorney, then turned around and denied it. Therefore, since AVVO cares more about their attorneys than they do about their readers, and deleted the negative complaint on the attorney, then I'll just post the negative complaint on avvo.com instead. So AVVO just shifted the negative complaint from the attorney and onto them instead.

Specifically, Attorney Jeffrey Mark Adams.

In addition, I would like the "best answer" removed from the attorney. It was a mistake when I clicked it. I did not mean to give him best answer. The attorney is a cruel and mean individual. He was disciplined by the state bar and it's shown on his avvo page.

Remove my best answer from his profile.


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