IPINYOU - IPINYOU China RTB advertising scam

Posted on Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 at 4:18am CDT by Amir P.

Product: Ipinyou RTB advertising

Company: IPINYOU

Location: People's Square, Nanjing Road 555 Shanghai China

URL: http://www.ipinyou.com.cn

Category: Internet Services

We have been working with the company on behalf of one of our clients.

Company claims to be the first and most advanced real time bidding advertising platform for the Chinese market.

CEO Grace Huang gives interviews that give the impression this company is legit, while it seems to be an internet fraud.

After working with the company a few months, we believe the company is a 100% pure online scam:

1. Company does not refund client's funds and forces you to spend it.

We have been working with many media companies and have never been refused to get a refund.

2. Company media is completely trashy: fake clicks, fake impressions, 0 conversion.

3. Company is shamelessly urging to manage the advertising, and then just spends the money on nothing.

We have lost our client's trust, and the future revenues, and our client is asking us to compensate him. The company refuses to compensate us, and to refund the residual funds.

We demand for a full compensation of the original funds (10,000 RMB) and a clear appology for the time spent and unacceptable manner.


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