Kaspersky Labs - Fraudulent "Kaspersky" tech accessed from Kaspersky site

Posted on Monday, March 24th, 2014 at 12:10pm CDT by Marva H.

Product: Kaspersky

Company: Kaspersky Labs

Location: US

Category: Computers, Software

This complaint is against One Solution Inc. at 6221 N. Niagara Avenue, #408 - in Chicago, Illinois -run by Ephraim Awogu, who poses as a Kaspersky tech.

We have had Kaspersky virus protection for at least two years, but my computer alerted the coverage was about to expire. I accessed their site USING THE LITTLE RED K ICON AT THE BOTTOM RIGHT OF THE SCREEN--to take me to their site. Once there I chose to purchase 3 years coverage, but wanted to be sure I did the installation properly before I completed the transaction. On the same screen there was a "chat" option, promising instant assistance from a Kaspersky tech, and I clicked on that box. That's when the nightmare began.

The representative at the other end asked for my phone number and told me that a Kaspersky tech would call me back in 10-15 minutes. (Later, a Kaspersky rep at (866) 328-5700 said that having the tech call me back is not standard operating procedure. He could not explain why the site on their own home page was responsible for making this happen.

I was called back in about 15 minutes by Ephraim Awogu, who

gave me his number: (855) 875-8009. I asked him where he was located, and he said "Niagara Falls"--and I told him I had been to New York to visit this wonderful site and we spoke briefly about Niagara Falls. (Later I leared Ephraim is located at 6221 North Niagara Avenue in CHICAGO--in a little apartment.)

Ephraim Awogu processed payment for the virus package and said that he would email the code I would need for installation.

When the code arrived a few minutes later, I tried to use it--and it woud not work. I called Ephraim back at (855)-875-8009 and he said: "Oh no! You have a TERRIBLE problem. A foreign country is attacking your network!" I pointed out that the computer had never been unprotected. Kapersky had always been in place. HE said that this was because it was a NETWORK attack. (Our "network" consists of two computers--one upstairs and one downstairs, so this was puzzling.) He told me that he

could fix the problem, but I would have to pay him $439. Terrified I authorized the charge for his software: One Solution.

(Later I learned that the name of Ephraim's own private business.) Ephraim Awogu then had me pull him into the computer remotely, where he could operate the curser himself.

HE ASKED ME AT THAT POINT TO TELL HIM THE PASSWORD FOR THE COMPUTER. I thought that was strange and asked why. He said that because he might need to go back in, he didn't want to bother me with a future phone call. This didn't seem kosher--and I told him to go ahead and call.

I remained sitting at my computer as screens flashed by, and I realized Ephraim was opening individual Word documents, which also seemed very strange. At that point, I jerked the cord out of the wall and discontinued access.

He called me back wondering what happened. I said I wanted to speak to a Kaspersky representative--really someone from Kaspersky, not someone in a tiny Chicago apartment. So--he gave me "Paul"--also associated with One Solution. They kept demanding that I plug the computer back in so Ephraim could continue, and I refused.

I THEN TRIED EVERYWAY POSSIBLE TO CONTACT KASPERSKY, with no luck. They deliberately hide any phone numbers, and the only one on their site took me to a lab that wanted me to enter "71" follwed by the four-digit extension number (which of course I didn't know). On Monday, after about an hour, I finally received the following number which supposedly is from a

Kaspersky office in Boston. At least someone picked up the phone.

I thought they would be very concerned that a customer reporting this experience ==which RESULTED FROM ENTERING THE OFFICIAL KASPERSKY SITE--would be concerned. But they weren't particularly. The person I spoke to said that this could have happened with Norton or another produce too. They don't know how the hackers are getting into their site. BUT THEY SHOULD BE CONCERNED ABOUT THIS!!! I had Ephraim's name, supervisor's name, address in Chicago, phone numbers--and receipts--for business all done as "Kaspersky representatives."

I had to cancel the credit card, and reported the matter to the Casper, Wyoming Police Department. I am hoping others will be spared the same misery.


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