Dish Network - Now that they owe me money they will do anything not to pay up

Posted on Friday, March 21st, 2014 at 9:51pm CDT by Steve J.

Product: Cable TV Service

Company: Dish Network

Location: 9601 South Meridian Blvd


Category: TV, Music, Video

First, I was a customer with Dish for 10+ years, and this was the first time I actually asked for anything. Shame on me for paying all that money to a group as incompetent as these guys!

The incident began as I was planning to buy an Xbox; I called and indicated I needed an upgrade that supported HDMI. Since the Hopper did not appear on the Xbox supported device list, I wanted to confirm it would work and/or get something else that did. I was bounced all over the place in three different calls, everyone trying to be very clear, they would not commit one way or the other: any compatibility issues would be Microsoft?s problem.

I then stated that since this was my entire buying criteria, if it did not work when I got it, I should be able to return it and not be committed to the two year contract they were insisting on: they would not agree to that.

I called both Comcast and Direct TV and got straight answers so I went with the later.

Now the fun begins:

About a week after I canceled they took the next month?s direct deposit withdrawal from my checking account. In the half dozen times I was late on a payment over the last ten years, they made it clear they needed their payments a month in advance. But when I called this time they assured me I was mistaken: I was actually ten days into an unpaid billing cycle when I canceled and they also needed to make sure I returned my equipment.

They would send me a box, I was to return the equipment and then I would get back a partial payment.

I waited a week: no box. I called three more times before I finally got the box about a month later.

I carefully packed the TEN YEAR old (coax) equipment (probably not worth its scrap metal price) and returned it. After ten days I confirmed they had received it but now I was informed I owed on a balance due to the shipping fees. (~$80 to ship < 15lbs 10 day ground). And it would take 6-8 weeks to produce the final billing and send out any remaining balance.

As it turns out there are two departments that I needed to close out with: bundled and unbundled. Over the years I have apparently had dealings with both.

In my attempts to get an accounting of where my money went I would get bounced back and forth. And for the most part, whichever department I was talking to would indicate they could see the other department owed me money but they didn?t.

I made three formal requests for an audit in writing: those requests were always deflected by the agent.

Currently I am getting a once a day automated call (at all hours) that I owe $18 dollars. When I return the call they apologize and tell me that they own me $54. I am assured they will send it out right away and the calls will stop. But it?s not happening.

To summarize I believe:

? The Unbundled department owes me 20 days of the last billing cycle PLUS the full amount of the last payment they wrongfully took after I canceled. (~$120 in total)

o There was no value in the returned (COAX era) equipment, but if they really needed it back it should have been at their expense, they got the full monthly lease price on that equipment for ten years. (They?ve more than made their money back). AND ~$80 for shipping is outrageous!

? The Bundled department owes me the $54.11. One agent said that the credit balance had been sitting there for more than a year.

? They need to send me an actual closing statement if they disagree. Otherwise stop the calls and send me my money!

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807e543a, 2014-04-04, 10:06PM CDT

Steve J.,

Thank you very much for having been loyal to us over the many years! I'd like to have a look at your account if you could please email me your account number at [email protected] Thanks!

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