BannerBuzz - BannerBuzz Customer Service = Bad

Posted on Friday, March 21st, 2014 at 1:24pm CDT by Jarrett M.

Product: Banners

Company: BannerBuzz

Location: 1625 Lakes Parkway, Suite D


Category: Stores, Shopping

Highly recommend you do not order any items from this company. I placed an order for a branded table throw and selected priority shipping (4 day shipping) so that the item would arrive a few days in advance of the event. I selected the option... "do not send a proof sample" at the time of processing the order as I knew doing so would delay the shipment and I needed it asap. So, the day it was supposed to arrive passes. I call in and spoke with Courtney Price (customer service manager). She proceeded to tell me that they were waiting on a proof before they can send it. She confirmed this was a big mistake on their part, but that there is nothing they can do other than refund me. She could put a rush order on it and overnight it, but she said no to that.... apparently, they are printed in India... she could have gone to a local printer, ate the cost and sent it overnight, but no. All BannerBuzz was willing to offer was a refund. This in my opinion is a truly lazy and careless response to an error they are responsible for... sometimes, sorry is simply not enough. So disappointed in my customer experience with BannerBuzz.


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