Fayetteville inn and Suites - Fraudulent credit card charges of 8,000.00 ,non-payment of due salary wages

Posted on Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 at 8:30pm CDT by Harshad M.

Product: ASIP magement Company

Company: Fayetteville inn and Suites

Location: 3136 Bordeaux Park Drive

URL: www.fayettevilleinnandsuites.com

Category: Unauthorized Charges

Fraudulent over charges to my credit card for room stay at the Hotel when there were no charges to be paid by front desk manager staff employees of the hotel for stay between January 8 th 2014 to February 14 th , 2014 and non-payment of my salary paycheck of $ 2000.00 .Employer carried a daylight robbery , crime and robbed me of my money and essential household belongings by assault and theft at life threat point terrorising to my disabled old mother aged 73 years worth US$ 8,000.00 and returned the items defective and damaged to the local police officers causing a total loss of USD $ 18,000.00 , Further not willing and refusing to pay towards social security tax ( Employment Tax ) mandatory to all employers to pay for even temporary jobs.Please help recover my cash US dollars money ASAP.


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