Meineke Car Care Center - "Fixed" problems that were unecessary, then falsely stated they had fixed the problem that really was necessary

Posted on Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 at 12:17pm CDT by snowbirdie

Product: Meineke Car Care, Weston, FL

Company: Meineke Car Care Center

Location: 2629 Weston Rd.
WESTON, FL, 33331, US


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

I was recently a victim of the Meineke Car Care Center in Weston, Florida. With a great deal of reluctance, because of the detrimental national reputation many people perceive the company to have, I overrode my instincts and took my Silverado truck there thinking they would repair the serious problem it was developing. I left several hours later with not only the problem remaining, but $481 poorer.

The story: Heading down the Florida Turnpike with my wife, daughter and 2 young grandchildren late on a Saturday for a vacation weekend, I developed what I thought was a large bubble on one of my tires. The truck vibrated/bounced horribly. Surprisingly, I couldn't find anything on a visual inspection. The following morning, Sunday, we were bouncing towards our everglades park destination when I spotted the Meineke shop.

The shop did an assessment and the manager, Pete Wyman, told me I needed front shocks. I thought that was a little strange because the truck only has 71,000 (all highway) miles on it. He also said that a lower rear brake caliper bolt was missing and the upper one was loose. No one said anything about a tire being bad, except that being a Sunday, they couldn't get any.

Now I'm in trouble. It was late Sunday morning, we're 250 miles from home, 3 adults and 2 small children, a brake bolt missing , a tire bouncing so bad it would knock the glasses off your head, and facing the 250 mile return trip north that evening .

The estimate for repairs was: $140 for EACH shock plus an hour of labor time @ $98; 2 bolts with labor @ $23 EACH; and a "shop supply " fee of $30 (he said that was to pay for rags and cleaning fluid). With tax, the total bill came to $481.

Curiously, Wyman said that the bolts couldn't be had until shortly before the 5:00 pm closing time.

I told him to go ahead, and we all wasted the day waiting for the repair. About 4:30 pm Wyman called to say the truck had been repaired and that it had been road tested. I paid the bill and we left the shop with 10 minutes to spare before closing time.

Guess what? I learned why Meineke didn't want us to leave until just before closing time. The problem had not been fixed! Obviously the "road test" was a lie. With no other alternative, I was lucky enough to find a tire dealer nearby that was open until 6:00 pm on Sundays. My last resort was to act on my first suspicion - that a tire had developed a bad bubble.

Sure enough. The tire dealer put a pair of new tires on the rear and the problem was solved.

The conclusion is that either the Meineke mechanics were totally incompetent (after all, they took the tires off the truck to "discover" the bolt problem) , or more likely, their reputation for scamming and dishonesty held true, and they held me up for totally unnecessary repairs. Because while the rear tires were off the truck at the tire dealer's, I saw that the lower caliper bolts ON BOTH WHEELS had been replaced and neither of the top bolts had been tightened, meaning they were never loose. The bolts did not need replacing. As much as I don't like being gouged, I will not accept being a victim of highway robbery.

A search of the internet shows that this franchise has several similar accusations of dishonest activity. I have sent this complaint to Meineke's corporate office in North Carolina and several other parties that may be interested, including the Florida Dept. of Consumer Affairs, Office of the Attorney General in Tallahassee. If the Meineke franchisor doesn't care about scams within the company, the state of Florida probably will.


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