UBuildIt - Indianapolis - Over Promised - Under Delivered -- Cost Customer Wasted $$

Posted on Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 at 11:49am CDT by Kevin B.

Product: Building Services

Company: UBuildIt - Indianapolis

Location: 471 E 86th St,

URL: https://www.google.com/#q=Ubuildit+indianapolis+north

Category: Building, Construction

Bad business practices

Policy issue, Excessive billing, Misrepresentation or fraud, Negligence causing harm, Poor customer service, Failure to respond to complaint, High-pressure sales tactics

Problem with a service

Bad advice and/or instructions, Bait and Switch, Service wasn't completed as promised, Rude behavior

Mr. East promised my wife that he would personally be responsible to ameliorate water problems and to meet with with her to g o over a "punch out list". Promise made, we attempted to have Mr. East fulfill his promise but he walked away from our job twice.....not finishing the house and reigning on his LEED application responsibilities.

Breach of contract, Bad faith, Lack of communication

My attorney and CPA has all documentation. They will use it all to take appropriate measures if this attempt of "simple settlement" doesn't succeed. Since Mr. East and I have agreed not to use the court systems because of Mr. East's faith convections. Binding arbitration would need to be our next escalation if not settled immediately.

In four cases work had to be re-done four times to meet specifications. Unfortunately, I was billed for each attempt. In addition, Mr. East doesn't pay his bills to subcontractors for his costs. As a member of the same community with the subcontractors knowing me and my company, I've had to pay Mr. East's obligations to friends in the building trades because he would not. Bad show all around. We have lived in our "new house" for one week now. Every day we discover more "mistakes". Had a plumber come over last night because the cabinet under our master bath sink had a pool of water standing. Plumber showed me how Guy's plumber's choice took shortcuts and didn't install a basic flange collar that my plumber said any apprentice plumber would have done---sloppy work all around. Mr. East was supposed to be supervising our subcontractors according to the contract that we purchased from him.

Customer service runarounds

Promises made -- never kept

My wife as a customer equal to me and my company lied to, and dismissed without the curtesy of a return phone call. My attor ney has called/texted Mr. East at least 5-6 times asking what compremises or accommodations could be facilitated. My attorney hasn't received the dignity of a return phone call.


Trying this as alternative to legal intervention. Vendor presented their principal as the leading "Green Builder" in the State. We contracted with them as consultants with two contracts. One for the services of Guy East to be the "Project Managers" for our LEED for Residence certification. The o ther was for the UBuildIt team soliciting bids for subcontractors. As a motivator for us choosing this firm we had trust that the home would be built according to best practice codes and more specially to Prerequisites required in the LEED green building process. The house is finished but little of the documentation has been completed, nor according to our attorney do we have a line of reason connecting the dots between building processes and the LEED green building guidelines. Put another way, we were led down a primrose path of promises. Adding to this insult was the principal of the firm calling me five weeks ago saying that he was "dropping" any diligence toward finishing the LEED Green Building rating application because he no longer believes in it. Mr. East can either pay my company $7400. plus attorney fees that I lost by paying consultants, having inspections, along the way, and other miscellaneous charges with his incompetence relating to the Green Building process. At that point I will drop the LEED application process. A bargain on his end....just to complete the relationship. The alternative will be to seek remedy for the additional cost put into the building for the purpose of earning LEED points plus the costs associated with earning the LEED Certification. Deceitful, scam like tactics---Over Promise -- Under Deliver There remains a paradox. Two years after retaining this vendor with the proposition of "Leading Green Builder" in the State of Indiana and nearly 60 days after the owner called to tell me he doesn't subscribe to "Green Building Practices" because he doesn't "believe in them" he still promotes his company as the Green Building Experts. Customer hurt financially (documented), emotionally (promises made--not addressed), and personally (my wife, company, and I placed trust in people not worthy of our trust). The two year building process has been the ultimate commercial nightmare of my entire career.


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