Clear cut remodeling

Posted on Monday, March 17th, 2014 at 11:01pm CDT by Linda C.

Product: Jeff Olive

Company: Clear cut remodeling


Category: Unauthorized Charges

Jeff Olive left trash outside my house after a remodeling job. I asked hime to move it and he promised to and as usual never does what he says.

I have a bill for 460 dollars from the city of durham for his trash.

I am on chap 7 and cannot pay the bill he incurred this goes to

court. for he violated the ordinance, not I.

do not trust this man. He promosses everything to get you business and

acts like a kid who takes your money , doestn not keep his word and

makes trouble for you. you do not want him to work for you.

Beware? you may have a bill from the city of durham for trash from

his job he leaves.


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