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Posted on Monday, March 17th, 2014 at 10:00pm CDT by James F.

Company: Comcast

Location: US

Category: Telecommunications

The ?Valued? Comcast Customer

Comcast service, or lack of, is a key reason to re-consider being a Comcast customer. I realize that I am only one individual residential customer, and maybe Comcast has gotten so big they don?t care, but there is no excuse for the poor customer service that I recently experienced.

On Thursday March 6, 2014 I placed a call to Comcast because I noticed that my bill the past 2-3 months has been higher than usual, even after subtracting any On Demand movie fees. Also, due to recent changes in my house, I needed a new phone jack installed for our cordless phone system. I spoke with a custom service representative, her name sounded like Jasmine. I explained the situation and purpose of my call. She reviewed my account and stated that a promotion had expired resulting in a higher monthly rate. She explained a new promotion that would lower my monthly rate and increase services, such as 4 HD DVR boxes instead of the one currently in our house. Jasmine said the same technician that delivers and installs the HD DVR boxes could also install a phone jack. She said the next available service date was Wednesday March 12, 2014 between 7am-9am or 2pm-6pm. As there are 6 people in my house with varying work and school schedules and all of the rooms would not be accessible early in the morning, I requested 2pm-6pm. Jasmine confirmed this time but she was having problems with her computer. She apologized and needed to ask for assistance from a co-worker to complete the service request. She finally provided a reference number while confirming the day and time. This call, including intermittent periods on hold, took 51 minutes.

On Tuesday March 12, 2014, I received an automated call late in the afternoon from Comcast indicating that I had an appointment the next day between 7am and 9am. As this was incorrect, I pressed option #2 to speak with a customer service representative. I spoke with a woman (I did not get her name) and explained my original call and that the appointment time should be 2pm-6pm. She said she would change the time to the originally scheduled time period that I requested-- between 2pm and 6pm.

On Wednesday March 13, 2014, I received a call at 7:02am from a technician, I believe his name is Joe, verifying the work to be completed and indicating he would arrive shortly. I told him he cannot come this early and that my appointment time is 2pm to 6pm. I reviewed my two previous calls. He said he would change the time to 2pm-6pm. Later that morning I received another call from Comcast and spoke to a different woman. Again, I do not recall her name as I was not expecting any problems. She said she received notice from Joe about a change in the time. I reviewed my previous phone calls again. She said she would have a technician at my house between 2pm and 6pm that day.

No one showed up at my house that day.

On that same Wednesday in the evening I called Comcast again. After entering my home phone number, the recorded message states that I am a ?valued? Comcast customer and that I have a service appointment scheduled for Wednesday, March 19, 2014 from 2pm-6pm. I press option #2 to speak with a customer service representative and this time I speak with Francis. I explain the sequence of events. Francis says my service appointment is March 19 between 2pm-6pm. I told him this is unacceptable, especially since Comcast made a mistake with my original appointment, and I requested to speak with a supervisor. He placed me on hold. Upon returning, he said the telephone jack could be installed the next day from 1pm-3pm, but the HD DVR boxes would be next Wednesday. I did not accept this and again requested to speak with a supervisor. Francis placed me on hold and never returned. After being on hold for 30 minutes, I was kicked back to the cue and received the same recorded message about being a ?valued? Comcast customer. The total time for this call was 53 minutes.

I hung up and called back again, hearing the same greeting and that I was a ?valued? Comcast customer. This time I spoke with a customer service representative named Joseph. I explained the sequence of events up until this point. Joseph was very nice and apologetic. He reviewed the service order and placed me on hold. He came back stating that I had a service appointment for the next day, Thursday, March 13 between 1pm and 3pm and that all requested service, the phone jack and the HD DVR boxes, would be completed. He provided a new reference number. He also indicated I would receive a $20 credit for the missed appointment. I still requested to speak with a supervisor, however, now or the next business day because I was not satisfied with the treatment from Francis. Joseph placed me on hold and a person claiming to be a supervisor named Ralphie spoke with me. I summarized my phone calls. Ralphie apologized for the inconvenience, offered me $60 credit to my account, and confirmed my appointment for the next day. This call lasted 27 minutes.

On Thursday, March 13, 2014, no one showed up.

On Thursday 3/13/14 I called again to Comcast, receiving the same greeting that I am a ?valued? Comcast customer. I spoke with a custom service representative named Billy and once again explained the entire situation. Billy said I did not have an appointment today, 3/13/14. I began thinking that Ralphie was not a real person and that Comcast employees enjoy playing pranks on customers. I provided the reference number to Billy. He was very nice and apologetic too but he was unable to provide any information about the missed appointments. He offered me a service appointment the next day, Friday, March 14, between 9am and 1pm or 2pm to 6pm. As I did not want to wait until the end of the day with the weekend approaching, I accepted the 9am to 1pm time slot. He said the reference number would be the same as the one I received from Joseph. Again I requested to speak with a supervisor, now or the next business day. Billy said he would have a supervisor call me back. This call lasted 31 minutes.

On Friday, March 14, 2014, at 12:20pm, I again called Comcast to verify that someone was still coming to my house. After the usual recorded statement that I am a ?valued? customer, I spoke with Mary. I asked if she could verify that someone is still coming to my house today (Friday). Mary says my appointment is on Wednesday March 19 from between 2pm and 6pm. I informed her that is incorrect and repeated all of the prior conversations to Mary. She asked for the reference numbers. She then placed me on hold. She returned stating this issue has been escalated and that a service technician is supposed to be at my house today, Friday. She said, however, that since it was not 1pm yet, that I should wait and give it more time. I inquired about what would happen if the technician does not show by 1pm and Mary said that I would receive a $20 credit to my account, per company policy. I asked if this is in addition to the $60 that Ralphie credited me. After a long pause, she repeated that $20 is per company policy. This call lasted 18 minutes.

On Friday, March 14, 2014, no one showed up. And I never received a phone call from a supervisor.

I am now in the process of switching to Verizon FiOS.

I will no longer be a ?valued? Comcast customer.


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