Redbox - No movie in Redbox blu-ray case

Posted on Saturday, March 15th, 2014 at 11:54pm CDT by Glen H.

Company: Redbox

Location: US


Category: TV, Music, Video

Every time I rent a blu-ray from my local redbox's all I get is a case with a paper copy of the disc in it. They will give a refund or free rental after calling customer service but is sure doesn't make up for driving to the rental box for nothing. This has happened to me over 20' times. I always rent the DVD when available but a lot of the time only blu-rays are listed.


c458eec9, 2014-03-16, 08:27PM CDT

Hmm sounds kinda hinky to me "over 20 times"...sounds like you got over 20 free box should catch on soon!

Robert Allyn L., 2014-03-17, 11:18AM CDT

Red Box does not check cases as they come back, all it takes is a piece of paper to fool the machine.

So someone rents a movie, keeps the disk and returns an empty case. Common for popular expensive BlueRay disks.

They pay 2.50 or what the rate is in your area. Get a $30 or $40 disk.

It takes Red Box A while to catch on, so say they get ripped for the 20 most popular disks in a week from one box. Once the Red Box catches on and cancels the account, tries to charge for the missing movies, has a bunch of pissed off customers, and you who assumes the OP is the theif. The theif uses another name and card and opens a new "account" keeps stealing.

And You end up looking worse than the thief.

Cool By Me.

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