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Posted on Friday, March 14th, 2014 at 5:10am CDT by 6156e5f8

Product: Asus Nexus 7

Company: ASUS

Location: 4051 N. Hwy 121, Suite 100 Grapevine, TX 76051

Category: Consumer Electronics

To Whom It May Concern,

I received a 32 gig Nexus 7 for Christmas of 2013. Due to weather delays and so forth, gifts were not actually exchanged until

16 Jan. 2014. At that time I discovered the Nexus 7 ( 32 gig ) had 20 plus dead pixels, the corner was lifted on one side of the glass, and it would not connect to the internet.

I contacted Google support, whom informed me that because it was more than 30 days from date of purchase, I would need to pay $300, they would send me a new unit, and would refund my $300 when they received the defective one. My other option was to send it directly to Asus Service Center, after calling and receiving an RMA, which I did. I sent the unit to Asus on 23 Jan 2014.

On 5 Feb 2014 I received a replacement unit. It proved to be defective: after more than two hours spent on the phone with technical support attempting to get the unit to connect via bluetooth, the Google Tech decided that it was a "known hardware issue affecting a small percentage of units". I had to send the unit back to Asus.

Since I was in the process of moving from WI to OR ( the reason for the tablet was to use on the trip to stay in touch via skype, etc .. ), I waited until getting to Oregon before calling Asus. On 20 Feb I contacted Asus. Asus said that they could not locate the file ( despite having my address, email and phone number, RMA, etc ), and a new case would have to be opened, especially since I had a new address. I was told their computers were down ( always a good sign with a computer manufacturer! ), and I would have to call back the next day.

On 21 Feb 2014 I called Asus. At one point the customer service rep hung up on me after saying they "couldn't understand no damn stuttering retard". ( yes, I have a speech disability: I stutter ).

I called back and requested a supervisor. After over 40 minutes on hold, someone claiming to be a supervisor came on the line. I attempted to explain the situation, only to be told that I " was a liar", and " Google never said it was a hardware issue". Obviously offended, I requested to speak to someone higher up. The reply was that " No one could understand or believe you anyway", and was hung up on. Again.

I called back and, long story short, was issued a new claim and RMA number ( USG7XXXXXXX ).

I sent the item out for the second time at my expense ( $17.80. Again ) I was so angry and frustrated I created the email address " asussucks@XXXXX" for the purposes of the RMA

On 14 March 2014 I received another replacement unit: I opened the package, put on a screen protector, and attempted t connect the device via bluetooth : not working.

Called Google Tech Support. The gentleman had me go through various diagnostics for about 30 min., then asked me to read the enclosed slip from the return. When I did so he said " No wonder! they just reflashed! That was pointless, this is a hardware issue! They know that!" I was told it was , again , defective, and would have to be returned to Asus.

I called Asus and, after two phone calls, over an hour and much frustration, the supervisor I talked with agreed to provide a free shipping label, but told me flat out " with that email address, you are going to get a defective unit back every time"

I was stunned, and asked him " Seriously? Would you repeat that, I am not certain I heard you correctly" He declined.

I sent the Nexus 7 ( 32 gig ) back today via Fedex. Asus paid the shipping.

So, at this point I have a Christmas gift that:

I have not been able to use, and it is nearly Easter

Has cost me over eight hours on the phone

nearly $40.00 in shipping

a case, three screen savers, stylus and related mic. accessories bought at time of purchase totaling over $80.00

Tremendous stress on the relationship between myself and the person that bought it.

Been returned THREE times, and told flat out I can expect more of the same.

At this point, I would very much like nothing more than to get the original purchaser a refund: I want absolutely nothing to do with Nexus, or ANY Asus product. Since Asus has made clear that is NOT an option, do you folks have any ideas how I can actually get a working unit?

Seriously, at this point I wish I had never HEARD of Asus!

Thank you for any idea(s) you might have.




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2add3e19, 2014-03-19, 12:47PM CDT

I've also have had problems trying to get repairs done and can more than understand your situation. It's similar to talking to someone from another planet.

You can try the following:

Go online and find out the name and address of the President and CEO of Asus and also of the manufacturer of the product as well as Better Business for your location. Write a letter and send a copy to each. Try to be concise but include specific details such time, dates and names of those you have contacted, what occurred and what the results were. Do not be sarcastic. I repeat do not be sarcastic.

Stick to the facts only and don't ramble on or make your letter overly lengthy. At the end of your letter state that you are very disappointed with the company and their product and will refrain from doing any business with them in the future and also will not be able to give them any type of good reference. Send the original letter to the President and copies to the others. At the bottom of your letter, show that you are sending copies and to whom (example: CC: CEO's name, CC:Better Business, etc.).

This method has worked for me as these people usually do not like to hear this type of news

about their product or learn that others are also being notified . Hope it is successful for you also.

Max P., 2014-03-17, 06:10PM CDT

that very bad customer service .

Max P., 2014-03-17, 06:12PM CDT

may be try using . I am the co-founder of it and we reach out to Customer services on your behalf so that you take have to face such pain .

We are still in beta mode and rolling out new features slowly. Dont worry , its not spam .

Max P., 2014-03-17, 06:14PM CDT

I am the co-founder of and we reach out to Customer services on your behalf so that you dont have to face such pain .

We are still in beta mode and rolling out new features slowly. If you post your issue , then we will take it forward from there .

Dont worry , its not spam .

6156e5f8, 2014-03-20, 07:04PM CDT

Thank you :)

bog W., 2014-05-02, 12:38AM CDT

I have purchased an Asus.. from Computer Renaissance. It was a small, compact unit, one of the Eee pc's with 4g HD. My main interest was in a unit that could operate from 12vdc (nominal) or less, had direct hookup to my Yaesu FT-817nd (ham radio) for field/backpack operation of Packet/PSK31/ilk, and would not need an inverter for step up voltages. I need a reasonable operating system with a keyboard and display. Fairly simple. Because I purchased the unit USED, and the battery would drain in about 20 min, I purchased a new, high capacity battery.. which did the same. Operating system isn't working either.

I have tried several times to contact Asus.. to NO AVAIL. After retrieving the unit from storage to get serial number, etc.. I have had absolutely NO SUCCESS at EVER getting a response from them for over 8 months (I live in Alaska and my job makes email contact nearly mandatory).

I cannot/would not recommend ANY Asus product to ANYONE.

Laurie S., 2014-06-15, 07:25AM CDT

I as well bought a Nexus 7 and have it less than 2 years. Last night it froze up completely and I followed a UTube video that showed me how to reboot and I tried that....Nothing happened. I then tried again to re boot to factory condition and that worked but again froze at the Welcome screen. So....not only did I lose all my games, photos, and personal websites, my tablet is worthless and does not work any more. I am furious at the money I spent for a piece of junk. What is this company going to do about it? Dissatisfied customer.......

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