- is Organized Crime & Committing Fraud, False Advertising

Posted on Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 at 6:04pm CDT by 54c5eaec

Product: Credit Reporting


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I went to transunion website and have never bought anything from them. The only thing I had ever done was signup for an account to file a dispute. I went to their website today and they advertised a $1 7 days trial and after the 7 days it would charge my credit card $16.95 unless I called to cancel. On the page I was on that offered the $1 7 day trial on th e homepage and there was no fine print or asterisk pointing out anything on that page. There was a button that said Click Here, so I did. It took me to another page and on the right hand column there was a box that said: Already a member? Login to order and speed up the process, so I did login and it took me to the area where I enter my credit card info and then on the next page it said Sorry but we cannot identify you and we are sending a special code to your address on file. I thought that to be very suspicious so I check my bank account and found they charged my card for $16.95 and not the $1 as they advertised. I called customer support and she said sorry but I do not qualify for the $1 trial. I asked her why not and she could not give me the answer. I asked her why the website did not say I did not qualify and why they charged my card for $16.95. She could not answer me. Their customer support is overseas and they cannot answer any questions. Once again she could not answer me. So in a nutshell, they offered a $1 trial and charged my card $16.95. They told me I did not qualify for the $1 trial even when I have never bought anything from them in the past. They could not give me the reason why I did not qualify. They charged my credit card $16.95 even when they would not let me access my credit report. Where I come from this is called false advertising and fraud. This is nothing less than organized crime at its worse. If you are a class action law firm and reading this please contact me as I want to start a class action lawsuit against this organized crime syndicate because I know there are thousands if not millions of other victims of this fraud.


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