Stonewood Dental - Horrible Staff Cancels Appt Without Permission

Posted on Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 at 6:11pm CDT by Lynn B.

Company: Stonewood Dental

Location: 421 N. Robinson Drive

Category: Health, Beauty

I am a school employee and it is very, very important that my dental appointments and cleaning appointments occur on days I do not work. Early in February, I set up an appointment for today since it is our district's spring break. That was at least six weeks in advance. I arrived on time this afternoon and when I got there, the receptionist informed me I had cancelled my appointment on the 7th. This is not so! I tried to explain to her that no one had cancelled nor have I heard from anyone at the practice about a change of schedule. This receptionist could not speak English well enough to have an intelligent conversation and appeared flustered as she used the computer. She read me a note on the computer that had false information on it; it said I had cancelled due to a scheduling conflict and would call back to reschedule. This did not occur! I kept telling her this information was not accurate, and she would not listen!For one thing, I live alone so no one else could have known about the appointment in order to cancel it. I said I needed to have my teeth cleaned anyway and she got all upset. She called another staff member who also told me I had cancelled. This idiot smacked chewing gum, she was so unprofessional, and would not even try to help me out.She informed me the appointment had been given to someone else. In the waiting room was a big Hispanic family; I suspect the first receptionist may have cancelled my appointment in order to accomodate her buddies. However,this is a severe hardship for me, and I certainly deserved to get my teeth cleaned anyway since I did not cancel. No one at the practice had bothered to contact me about the cancellation. I did not get an apology nor did those two even bother to try to help. Miss Bubblegum Smacker kept repeating over and over that I had cancelled, cancelled, cancelled and would not listen to me when I said she was mistaken. She acted like I have Alzheimer's and she was very rude. I have been a patient of Dr. Cunningham's for something like 20 years, even coming in from out of state to see her. So I certainly deserve better service than this! Too bad this practice has gotten rid of their experienced older employees who knew good manners and good customer service! I notice Stonewood keeps advertising on TV; no doubt it is because these churlish children are running off their longtime patients. I for one do not intend to return!


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