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Posted on Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 at 9:49pm CDT by ce36ac49

Company: bright now dental

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I go to Bright Now Dental in Palm bay Florida. I was diagnosed with severe gum disease. Pockets of 7-10 were not uncommon. The periodontist Dr. Fanneli scheduled gum and root scaling. The procedure went well according to the periodontist. When I went for a followup two weeks later, i was informed that I needed major gum surgery, at a cost of nearly $3000, the scaling did not correct the issue. Why make me go threw the agony, and expense $800 out of pocket if surgery was inevitable? The practice seems to just be looking for a larger payout. i will be changing dentists and looking into a medical malpractice suit to try to recoup my expenses! After 2 months and 5 visits my teeth are basically in the same condition as when I started. Only My bank account is suffering. They keep mentioning dental implants for $20,000, even though I have made it abundantly clear that financially I am in no position to do so. The periodontist reply is maybe you will win the lottery. It seems he already has....

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881f97be, 2014-06-20, 12:48PM CDT

Yes, trying to get more money is their 'prescription' just in my case for a very unnecessary root canal that shoul have only been a filling for a lower wisdom tooth for $150. Root canal and crown for $1300. The xray assistant looked surprised/ frown ed when dentist told her make appt for root canal. I even called the dentist to challenge and your print out says 'filling or root canal, it is not in pain, I want a filling. When you are sitting there with their overbearing drill and they do not slow down to 'check conditions like she told me she would do; it was drill fast/ she says you hear a chunk, it was twice, then show you the plump pink root, it is too late except to complain. But no one listens, they just go on their merry way of doing to more people. My tooth was not half as bad as the opposite wisdom tooth that did need a root canal but she 'went for a good one maybe thinking I would then come back for more. Ha , I went to a different dentist even to get the crown. I also put in an official complaint to the dental board (she is the professional/they concluded..They know nothing!

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