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Posted on Sunday, March 9th, 2014 at 9:37am CDT by seam t.

Product: SEO PPC

Company: rogers outrank

Location: 545 lake shore blvd W toronto, On M5V 1A3
TORONTO, ON, m5v 1a3, CA


Category: Telemarketing

Over promised and under delivered, the resulted you get ripped off as low as $530 a month for small businesses like me it is hard to swallow.

If you guys just read about what companies like Rogers outrank and 29 prime works, you need to read more reviews

As to how they prey and target

Rogers outrank is scam.

Rogers outrank is what you could do on your own with ad words Google, you do not have to pay Rogers premium price to do it for you,

Read more about the people scammed by Rogers outrank like me on,

I paid for $530 SEO per month for what I have done myself before with adwords and I thought Rogers will produce result.

Rogers outrank stated repeatedly that they will to that things to optimize my business and create lots of leads and as a result lots of revenue. ZZZZZZZZZZZZero nothing Rogers outrank produced

Even when I read their reviews and a few hours later after I gave them my visa I tried to cancel it, the Sale-Rep said I can not cancel it.

Ones a week my phone rang and when I picked up it says "ROGERS OUTRANK" I kept saying hello, hello, hellllllooooo

So in went on for three or 4 times after the first ring, it just says "ROGERS OUTRANK"

In the end of month email from Rogers stated I had 16 business leads. My question is how big companies could so easy get away with this kind of scam and rip off though? And who do you complain to?

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58d09983, 2014-04-04, 03:47PM CDT

Stay away from Rogers OutRank!!!

Big scam by a big company and that's very bad news for you. They can take your money without delivering on their service as it was sold to you by their sales reps. I'm $2100 poorer in 3 months. How much business did I get from them? ZERO!

They will not let you get out of the contract no matter what. When you call them there's only one person you can talk to and that's your "marketing specialist", I cannot emphasize enough how bad the costume service was. It's really frustrating that they can get away with this.

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