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Posted on Sunday, March 9th, 2014 at 8:57am CDT by 438d634d

Product: legal lawyer website

Company: AVVO.com

Location: Avvo, Inc. 705 Fifth Avenue South, Suite 600 Seattle, WA 98104
SEATTLE, WA, 89104, US

URL: www.avvo.com

Category: Law, Civil Rights

I've been using AVVO.com for years to find lawyers and research legal questions. For the first time yesterday AVVO blocked my account and stopped me from asking questions and AVVO also deleted my negative comments I wrote about an attorney over a year ago. I went through the appeal process with AVVO and verified the accuracy of the complaint. It has been there a year. All of a sudden AVVO decides to remove it a year later without giving me the opportunity to appeal their decision. I tried putting it back on, but AVVO keeps denying the commment and also blocks all my questions.

It doesn't look like AVVO values the little guy. AVVO use to care about the little people/clients as we are the ones who built up his business. Not the attorneys. The attorneys comment, but we hire the attorneys. If we weren't real customers calling those attorneys then AVVO would be out of business.

I am very UPSET that AVVO Is treating me this way. I am not using AVVO any longer and I'm posting negative feedback about AVVO to every website I can think of. AVVO should NEVER remove posts that are a year old, then block me from posting questions.

I don't know if they have a new employee there or what is going on, but AVVO is angering the little guy by removing all negative comments about attorneys. I highly recommend that the owner or manager of AVVO look into this. We want our negative feedback reposted and put back on and we want to be able to post questions.

Your new employee is about to destroy you, as you are about to get more negative comments about you.

So all AVVO did when they removed the attorny negative comments is shift the negative comments onto themself. So now AVVO has negative comments. IF AVVO is not going to allow my negative comments, then I'm going to post negative comments about AVVO. I want the negative comments back on. Specifically the attorney name is Lawrence Freiman. I want it put back on.

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Rob J., 2014-10-17, 09:43PM CDT

Avvo.com is a scam site--the phoniest site, ever.

Avvo.con is liable for all damages to clients of crooked, corrupt attorneys, because Avvo.com refuses to publish any negative attorney reviews, due to the fact that attorneys subscribe to and pay this sham site.

Avvo.com is fully liable for all damages, because potential clients have the right to see and read ALL reviews, including negtive experiences, so that they can make an informed decision. But with Avvo.com unjustifiably rejecting negative reviews, potential clients and victims cannot see those reviews and therefore unknowingly hire the corrupt attorneys on Avvo.com and THEN suffer the consequences of these thieving, unethical, and mostly unstable attorneys.

Example(one of many):

I wrote an honest review of attorney Karen Ilene Rose of Los Angeles, California.

The following was not my Avvo.com version, but now I can fully post the entire version here, as follows (for people to know how horrible this mentally unstable attorney is and to know how dangerous Avvo.com is its fake "endorsement" of this attorney and its refusals to publish anyone's negative experiences, thus create victims):

hired attorney Karen Rose earlier this year. I am sorry I hired her. She jeopardized my case and stole money from my account. We had entered a contract for the retainer agreement. But later, one day before court, she became demanding and required me to pay her eight thousand dollars more. She threatened not to show up to court. I was afraid, but out of money. I'd relied on the written contract. I refused to pay her more the contract amount. She them threatened to publicly post my case info on the internet, as she has flagrantly and illegaly done to her other client. Attorney Karen Rose has posted, on Avvo.com, a site that prospective clients see, and has unethically posted all case info on her former client and has slandered her client. Her actions are prohibited and attorneyKaren Rose has already been issued a warning by the California BAR Association. So because she has repeatedly posted case info again and continues to slander a client, who had nothing to do with these reviews, on Avvo.com, after the BAR has already warned her, she can be disbarred. Clearly, this attorney has no self-control and is very unstable.

These are all the same exact things that karen Illene Rose did to me, as well. Attorney Karen Rose falsely posted libelous info on my case and even my personal name, address, phone number on the internet.

Attorney Karen Rose has pattern of publicly posting the names, numbers, social security numbers, and court case info of her clients on the internet, throwing her clients under the bus and being highly unethical and malicious.

Attorney Karen Ilene Rose is also an alcohol and drug addict.

Four of her former clients complained that she offered and even begged them to have sex with her, while she was intoxicated.

Her clients were so disgusted and in such fear of her, that they terminated their legal business with her and sought other attorneys.

And after she tried to force me to pay her more money, outside of the contract, and I refused, attorney Karen Rose stole money from me. She used my credit card number to steal more money from my account. When the bank called to inform me that ten thousand dollars had been newly charged to my account from a Karen Rose, I was mortified.

She is very unstable and explosive and lacks self-control. She will probably come to this site, TOO, like on the other sites, and "respond" to these reviews by again illegaly posting her client's name and case info.

What a looney lawyer! This will only get her disbarred.

I strongly recommend that NO prospective client ever hire Karen Rose.


Avvo.com is truly a dangerous site that actually condones attorneys' gross misconduct and law-breaking behaviour.

You can post Avvo.com reviews and complaints on Ripoffreprt.com and Scamexposure.com

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