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Posted on Thursday, March 6th, 2014 at 7:09am CST by 29bd3bdd

Product: Attorney Dan Marks

Company: Attorney Dan Marks

Location: Law Office of Daniel Marks 530 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Suite 300 Las Vegas, NV 89101
LAS VEGAS, NV, 89101, US

Category: Law, Civil Rights

I was wrongfully terminated from my job. I thought I was making an appointment with Attorney Adam Levine in Dan Marks office. The receptionist said the office does not do any pro bono work and they charge $200 for an office visit. It took me 2 months to save the $200 by saving some of my unemployment checks. But I needed my job back so I saved the money. I was misled by the receptionist as she promised me that if I pay the $200 then the Attorney will get my job back. So I made the appointment. I tried to make the appointment with Attorney Levine, but attorney Dan Marks intercepted the case and appeared in his place. Attorney Dan Marks raised his voice to me and was almost yelling at me. I don't know what his problem was, but I lost my job and I was crying and he kept yelling and I was very upset. He said he charges $5000 if I want him to represent me. I told him that his receptionist said he will help me if I pay the $200. He said "You shouldn't listen to receptionist's". He said he'll call my former employer Arizona Charlies for me and he said he knows Fred Hoaghland personally, the HR director at Arizona Charlies and he'll call him for me. I don't know if he did or not, but he didn't get me back the job like his receptionist said he would. I left his office crying. He made me pay $200 for him to tell me that he charges $5000. It was a waste of time. He only mentally abused me. He charged me to mentally abuse me.

A year passed and I was still unemployed, I tried to make the appointment with Attorney Levine once again, as Adam Levine was highly recommended to me as an employment law attorney. The receptionist said I have to pay the $200 again and I have to pay every office visit. So I saved a little bit of my unemployment checks again each month until I saved enough money to make the appointment. Attorney Dan Marks again intercepted the office visit from Attorney Adam Levine. This time he cursed at me and yelled louder. He said the F word to me. I was shocked at appalled by his manners.. I walked out of his office $200 poorer and shaking and crying. He even looked in my file and seen that I paid him $200 the last time.. He makes no sense. He charges $200 each visit to unemployed people with no money at all. I had no money and he forced me save $200 just to have him yell and curse me and tell me all over again that he charges $5000.00. He charged me $200 just to tell me that he charges $5000..

I normally don't write comments like this about anybody, but this attorney Dan Marks was very unprofessional and unethical in the way he conducts his business. For one, he should never curse and yell at clients. He should never of taken my last dime. He knew I was unemployed and was terminated from my minimum wage job at Arizona Charlies, but he still charged me knowing that he was not going to do anything to help me with my job status excepct take my money.

He enjoys hurting unemployed indigent woman and taking their welfare checks and money. This is one of those true stories you hear about the rich stealing from the poor. Attorney Dan Marks gave me false hope with obtaining my job back from Arizona Charlies.

To this day attorney Dan Mark's actions toward me bothers me. I don't know why he acted like that toward me. I did nothing to him. I merely walked into his office unemployed and hurting and requesting the help of an attorney.

I couldn't afford to hire another attorney. Dan Marks took all my money. I gave him my food money because I thought he was going to help me get back my job. I walked into his office underweight from not eating because of saving food money for the attorney that was suppose to get me back my job.

I don't care if Attorney Dan Marks knows who posted this comment so I'm giving my real name. He didn't care about hurting an unemployed indigent girl that went to his law office crying and asking for help with her job, so I don't care about hurting him. People should be warned about his law office and what he did to me, before making a decision to go there.



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