Unlucky purchase from Straight Talk Wireless company - Never buy from Straight Talk Wireless !

Posted on Thursday, March 6th, 2014 at 1:01pm CST by Luiz R.

Product: Mobile phone from Straigh talk wireless

Company: Unlucky purchase from Straight Talk Wireless company

Location: BR

Category: Consumer Electronics

This company definitely doesn't know how to deal with customers. They use their customer service e-mail just to show they have an e-mail to receive requirements from the dissatisfied customers, but actually they don't solve any problem and also use some kind of technique to throw the customer from this e-mail to some telephone number they ask you to call and the attendant tell you that the solution will come buy e-mail and this process repeats many times, so you write and call again and again but the solution never comes until you become tired and exaust and decide to stop talking or complaining. In the end they still say they can't do anything to solve this problem but this complaint was good for them to improve their service for the future. It is really a bad joke !! So if you have a chance to choose, don't buy from them ! Frankly speaking I never had a situation like this and for me it was a terrible surprise to see that companies like this still exists. Be carefull and avoid this company Straigh Talk Wireless. I am sure you can find other serious companies.


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