Silver Star Customs - Thieves,Crooks,Rippoff,Stolen What a Joke They Are

Posted on Thursday, March 6th, 2014 at 1:39am CST by Corey L.

Product: Builds custom cars/trucks

Company: Silver Star Customs

Location: 6841 West Center St.
HORN LAKE, MS 38637, MS, 38637, US


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

Hi! I had a 1997 Chevy 4 Door Dually and I brought it to Silver Star Customs (SSC) in HORN LAKE MISS. to have it lowerd, Bagged and Body Droped for $15,000 parts and Labor, Now take in to consideration I had all the parts. SSC said if you supply all the parts it would be about 1/2 the cost of the build according to there web site so that means I would owe SSC $2,500 when they are finished with my 1997 Dually because I gave them $5000 to start the Build, so $5,000 to start + $7,500 in Parts + $2,500 (when finished) = $15,000 rims and tires were not included in the $15,000 job, I supplied the rims and tires. I had all the parts, 6 Alcola Wheels and Tires worth almost $8,000 and the tires were bought thru SSC for 0ver $400 a tire X 6 , 4 bags, switches , belt driven compressor $900, valves, relays, 3 stainless tanks ect. all brand new bought from SSC at showfest car show. Plus i had a set of Lambo Door hinges brand new in the box for $1000. I dropped it off with all the parts to do the job I gave them $5000 to start the job it would be in 3 installments after a year all they did was take the truck apart. So all they did for $5000 was take the truck apart and now it is gone my Dually has been scraped witch i think SSC did something with my truck because there is no way they would junk a perfectly good truck and 454 motor , transmission, rear end and cab and bed and all the Billet Hardware I had on the truck etc. They also claim that they do not like when a customer calls to see when there truck is going to be done so I made sure I did not bother them I let them take as long as they want, I was in no hurry. Then I was buying a Blazer that they built named the BLAZERADO for $24,000 I gave them $8000 down payment they were bringing the Blazer to me and flipped it off the road they decided to rebuild it, as they were rebuilding the Blazer my Dually was put on hold and i was paying them for the Blazer while they rebuilt it when it was done they gave me a Bill for $50,000 witch i refuse to pay.I had gave them $34,000 as they were fixing the Blazer. So now i have gave them a nice Dually to Body drop and all the parts to do the job plus almost $40,000 in cash and now my Dually and all my parts are gone but they still have the BLAZER witch I do not want.I want my money back that i gave SSC for that Blazer because I was not told it was going to cost $50,00 to rebuild that is why I was paying them as they rebuilt the Blazer until it was done, then SSC gave me a bill for $50,000 and on the bill SSC was selling me the totald Blazer for $19,000 and I was buying the Blazer in show room condition for $24,000 but SSC wanted $19,000 for it completly totald the Blazer was flipped over and smashed. So now my 1997 Truck that was worth over $15,000 plus all the parts is now gone according to SSC, and SSC expects me to pay them for that Blazer they must be out of there mind. How can SSC want me to pay them for the rebuilding of the Blazer that they totald, and my Truck and all my parts are gone and they still want me to pay for that Blazer they must be out of there minds my truck is now gone and all my parts are to witch i belive they used my parts on other vehicles and sold them. I have been ripped off for as much as $70,000 from SSC and I have nothing to show for it how is that even possible that this can happen? I feel this place should be charged with Grand Theft Auto and steeling of my parts and my money. THANKS


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