DishNetwork - These guys refuse service!

Posted on Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 at 1:50pm CST by Stephanie T.

Product: DishNetwork TV

Company: DishNetwork

Location: US

Category: Entertainment

I didn't want to have to go with this company to begin with but had no choice at the address I was previously at. I moved (am in city now) and had to call to ask them to transfer the dish over to new address. It was going to take 4 days before they came out. I agreed, even though they charge $100 TO MOVE! Some snow moved in Sunday night (the day before they were to install service) and moved out very early Monday morning. By Monday afternoon, no snow was left on the roofs or roads. The technicians didn't bother to show up. I halfway understood that. They didn't bother to call me about it until late in the afternoon (after deadline to show up) and told me to reschedule. When I tried to reschedule, I was told lies that either they were already "booked" up for the next 4 days or they closed the local office. I still don't know the truth although I heard more of the closed version. Funny thing is, there is NO SNOW on the ground. The local installation people closed up shop from Monday until Thursday for NO reason! When I called to ask if I could get an appointment, I was told the earliest would be Thursday (a week after the first time I called). When I stated that I just didn't want to service anymore because they failed to show up or set up a REASONABLE appointment day they told me I'd have to pay $420 to cancel the contract. I filed a BBB complaint and got a call from them 3 days later. They told me that they will not let me out of their contract even though it was them who refused to install the service. Not only that, but my bill isn't even right to begin with! They are trying to charge me for premium channels that I don't even get. They do not care about the customers AT all. They shouldn't even be in business. I couldn't get it into their heads that they breached their own contract by refusing to install service with no reason. I can't stand these guys. They offered me a $10 credit. The nerve!!! Do NOT waste your time with them. They are horrible!!


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