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Posted on Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 at 12:17pm CST by ez2jinx

Product: car battery

Company: Batteries Plus

Location: 15323 W 67th St, Shawnee Kansas


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles


Batteries Plus, Store 260, Shawnee Kansas, (913-268-4646) does not honor their automobile battery warranty; but were able to diagnose a bad battery and put the fault on the customer (me) as "Customer Battery Neglect" because of a "frozen? battery; then offered the customer (me) to buy a replacement battery for the bad one at a discounted price.

This battery was only four months old. The car sat no more than a week outside. The car was driven during those four months, and not garaged. The car, one day just did not start. Kansas City did have some very cold weather during this week; matter of fact, a large part of the united states was frozen; however the other two cars and truck weathered that week and started just fine, to include my RV's batteries that sat for 4 months, started just fine. Just the ?Batteries Plus? battery did not. I brought the battery in the house and tried numerous attempts at charging it; the battery was quite dead, no voltage and would not attempt to take a charge in any way.

I brought the battery to Batteries Plus with the purchase receipt. The salesman determined that the battery was frozen by "feeling the case". The battery would not take a charge and had no voltage. He determined the battery was "Customer Battery Neglect" and would not honor a warranty replacement battery. I believe the battery was either a low quality battery or the battery was a factory defect from the start and when the cold weather came in, this 'marginal' battery was not able to start in the cold, and may have shorted internally, damaging the battery for dead. I can't explain how the battery was "frozen", when the battery was in the house trying to charge for a week. My advice is "buyer beware" of Batteries Plus for inferior car batteries and putting the blame on the customer rather than just replacing a very new battery for another keeping the customer satisfied. To add too insult, the owner of this store was just as useless and backed the salesman?s analysis.

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Robert Allyn L., 2014-03-06, 08:55AM CST

A note from an industry insider:

To freeze a battery it needs to be completly dead.

The only way to completly kill a car battery in a week is to leave something on, a reading light is most common.

Dead battery leading to frozen battery is neglect or abuse depending on warranty language.

Warranty void, you are wrong, end of story.

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