Posted on Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 at 7:13am CST by Sharon S.

Product: credit card processing

Company: ibill.net

Location: AURORA, CO, 80016, US

URL: https://www.ibill.net/

Category: Internet Services

I'm sure this will come as no surprise to anyone here, but for people newer to the industry that didn't know about their past and have never had anything like this happen to them, it's a sad and shocking thing to be so blatantly lied to and ripped off. I never heard about their shady past until well after I'd signed up with them. The people that did my billing before I always had to hound for my money as well, so I thought once I signed up with ibill that would all be behind me. Little did I know I'd jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire with these crooks.

I signed up with Ibill.net in Aug. 2012 to use them as a third party biller for my websites. I was not aware at the time I signed up with them that they already had a bad reputation for paying their merchants.

I was paid the first few times I requested money, but it was usually a battle to get it, requiring several phone calls and emails. Deposits were never straightforward at ibill, you always had to hound them for your money.

I did not have a lot of transactions, so I usually only withdrew money two times a year, June and Dec. I received money last June 2013 after I requested it. When I went to make my end of the year withdrawal in Dec. 2013 this is when the problems started. I called a few times and was assured there was nothing to worry about, that the "pool of merchants" I was in had a bad apple among them so ALL the funds of the pool of merchants had been frozen for 90 days. Odd, considering I myself had done nothing wrong that MY funds would also be frozen, but I fell for it.

Well wouldn't you know, the 90 days have come and gone and still no money from ibill. I am owed $2034.35 USD by this company.

Obviously when I started to get the run around with this place, Jonas Brown in particular, I realized I'd best not do any more transactions and haven't run one since the middle of Dec. 2013.

Emails and voicemail messages are ignored. I last heard from him in Jan. 2014 when I was given the promise of "the third week in Feb." the money would be deposited in my account. I must say I wasn't surprised or pleased when I started looking online to see such recent reports of only a couple of weeks ago from others getting the same run around and lies that I am.

I seriously doubt this public calling out will get me my funds, or the ripoffreport I have filed or the BBB one I will be making shortly. I have been to small claims court two times and know it's tossing good money after bad. You very well may have your judgment saying yes, you are right, yes, you are owed these funds, but good luck collecting it. You won't be able to. So the crooks and the scammers keep at it, knowing you won't spend 10K in legal fees to try and recoup 2K. One can only hope karma will get these unscrupulous characters and deliver them harm in kind.


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