www.classichandbagsusa.com - They are selling fake items!

Posted on Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 at 8:08am CST by fisun k.

Product: Burrberry Bag And Scarf

Company: www.classichandbagsusa.com

Location: US

URL: www.classichandbagsusa.com

Category: Clothing, Shoes, Apparel


? had ordered a burberry bag and a scarf from www.handbagsusa.com on 17th January 2014.After my order,on 18th January ? sent an e mail to the website and ? told them that ? wanted to cancel my order and pay my money back.

They answered me on 18th january and they said that the items had been already sent to me.

I had some suspicion about the items'originality.I asked them if it was fake or not.They said their items were %100 original.

on 24th of January ? had received the items.They were absolutely fake.I brougt the items to Burberry shop in Turkey and they also confirmed that the items were fake.

I wrote them a lot of times.And ? told them ? wanted to send the items back and ? wanted to take my money back.So that ? wanted them to give me their address.But they never gave me their address.

They offered me to buy another items %50 discount.But they never accepted to give their address and to pay my money back.I had paid 600 usd to them.I want my money back.And ? couldnt find their address even their phone numbers.I am so desperate.

They are tricking a lot of people.I dont want them to sell any items from their website anymore.

And ? want my money back.

Please help me.

Kind Regards

Fisun Kapki


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