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Posted on Monday, March 3rd, 2014 at 7:55pm CST by ba618b94

Product: Telecom Services

Company: Halecom Data LLC

Location: Mr. Mike Hale Halecom Data 2710 9th Lane, Ste. #214 Anoka, MN 55303 763-205-3712
ANOKA, MN, 55303, US

URL: Halecomdata.com

Category: Products, Services

Failure to pay Invoice

Mr. Mike Hale

Halecom Data

2710 9th Lane, Ste. #214

Anoka, MN 55303


Halecom Data engaged our vendor company to do telecom work in our local area back in December of 2013. We did the work as on the order and customer was happy. Sent invoices several times with no response. Spoke with Mike from Halecom Data in Feb.2014 and he said he would have a check in the mail within a few days. Here it is a month later and nothing. Tied to call him several more times without any response as all phones went to voice mail and the voice mail box was full and could not leave any message. I would advise to do your due homework and avoid doing business with this individual or his company as he has make no effort or gesture to paid the outstanding invoice(s).


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Brandon H., 2014-04-28, 03:51PM CDT

Has anyone made contact with him or UBS. Our company has the exact same issue.

Ron S., 2014-06-17, 09:26PM CDT

Same issue in St. Peters, MO. Did repair service call at Bob Evans Restaurant, provided time and materials (replaced phone) in February 2014. 4 1/2 months later and emails bounce back too. Be cautious who you sub for!

Brandon H., 2014-08-06, 07:29PM CDT

Same issue here. Does anyone have updated mailing address for him? I just had certified mail returned from the 2710 Address unsigned for.

Tom K., 2014-08-08, 01:04PM CDT

I've been trying to reach them too. We may have to go direct to the end customer in order to get paid.

Brandon H., 2014-08-08, 01:10PM CDT

Already went that route and they referred us back to their vendor see below:

I'm sorry to hear Mike has not paid you. Unfortunately, Carousel cannot assist further with your collection efforts. We paid HalecomData for this work last fall. I have been directed to refer all invoice requests/payment failures to MikeHale @ HalecomData.

I have attached Mike's contact card for your information. I'm sorry I cannot be of more service.

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