Southwest Airlines - Lost Luggage Run Around No HELP WHATSOEVER

Posted on Monday, March 3rd, 2014 at 10:50pm CST by Melissa W.

Product: Lost Luggage

Company: Southwest Airlines

Location: Southwest Airlines P.O. Box 36647-1CR Dallas, Texas 75235
DALLAS, TX, 75235, US


Category: Airlines

I flew Southwest airlines to Ontario California from Portland Oregon on 2/28/2014 for my grandmother's funeral. My luggage never showed up. I was never offered any help with purchasing toiletries or offered any sort of assistance to make up for the fact that I had none of my clothing, personal hygiene items or electronic accessories.

While in Ontario I called the airline numerous times and never reached a person, nor was I ever called back.

I have been told that the airline is "actively searching" for my luggage via electronic message on my phone. Unfortunately my luggage has yet to be found and it is 3/3/2014. I have since flown home and checked with the Portland Airport to see if I could find my lost luggage there.

I was told to call at 7:30pm today and that people would be available to answer the phones until 12:00am. I have called numerous times and never reached a person. Additionally, I have left messages that have not been returned.

I had about $1000 dollars worth of expensive clothing (as I was going to attend a funeral), expensive shoes as well as electronic accessories that never showed up. I ended up having to borrow a shirt from my brother and attend the funeral in my jeans, as I went my entire trip without ever getting my luggage.

I am beyond disappointed with the lack of customer service and professionalism of Southwest Airlines.

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7d5fd3c1, 2015-08-29, 07:55AM CDT

Did they ever find your luggage?

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