Custom Castles - Poor Repair & Customer Services

Posted on Wednesday, February 26th, 2014 at 7:12pm CST by Mary B.

Product: Construction

Company: Custom Castles

Location: 194 Jonesboro Rd Ste 01


Category: Building, Construction


The saga continues! This company was recommended to me by an ex and now I know why. Last year there was a hail storm and I have been catching hell every since. I contracted the repair services. The work began in April and did not end until a window screen was returned FOUR months later. So, I thought. By the way, yes I said FOUR or 4. Anyway you say it is still F-O-U-R. Well now the saga include a failure to honor a warranty. It is not even a year later and the siding is failing off the house, the gutter has failed producing mildew strains down the side of the chimney; I was "overcharged" and the owner DAMIEN BROWNLEE and agent ADAM SCHULTE have failed to address my concerns. After three text messages, an email, pictures and almost THREE MONTHS, I am regretting the day more and more that my insurance agent paid them 13,000 for such poor service. So, now I guess I will need to get Facebook, You Tube, the press and the law involved. I tried BBB. It took Brownlee four months to reply with false statements. Go check out the complaint at BBB and B-E-W-A-R-E of CUSTOM CASTLES in Jonesboro, GA.


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Business Reply  ad19bbf6, 2014-03-25, 05:35PM CDT

Mary. The siding that was replaced on your house was on the left elevation. The siding falling off your home is on the front. Please contact your original home builder for that warranty work. Also we are still waiting for you your full payment on your repair work.

Mary B., 2014-03-28, 04:51PM CDT

I have a copy of my receipt which shows full payment was received 5/23/13 by Adam Schultze. I have pictures of the siding falling off the front and side of my home. I will be glad to share the pictures, payment receipts, better business report and my resolution attempts with Custom Castle with anyone who wish to see it. Please do not try to deflect poor customer services with lies.

Mary B., 2014-03-28, 05:10PM CDT

I guess the Jonesboro, Georgia address is somewhat non-existence. The Clerk of Magistrate Court in Clayton County has been unable to serve a suit. Do you have another local address or just the South Carolina address?

Business Reply  ad19bbf6, 2014-04-04, 04:55PM CDT

Mary. We are sincerely sorry that a piece of siding came loose on the left side of your home. When you notified us of this, the last of January, we came by mid-afternoon of February 6. We found the piece had been placed to tight to the drain on the left side of it. We re-trimmed around the drain and replaced to piece. We wish you would have let of know that this action did not correct the problem. We would have come to reevaluate it.

However, in regards to your warranty, the usual labor warranty was never set in place since we still have not received full payment from you. Your contract clearly states that you are responsible for the deductible portion of your insurance claim work. This is also required by state law. We still await your $1000.00 deductible payment.

Mary B., 2014-04-09, 08:02PM CDT

I have Email request for repair dated Jan 26, Text message follow to email request dated Jan 30,Text reply from Adam dated Jan 30, Email response saying thank you in regards to the appointment dated Jan 30, Another text message request sent Feb 4 (due no show) with a picture of damage, Text message reply form Adam dated Feb 4 claiming a visit on Thursday or Friday, Pictures confirming no repair of damages taken Feb 4 and Feb 8, Your message that confirms damage, a copy of Customer Agreement stating "payment in full", and testimonies, certified statements and witnesses available to discuss the quality of Custom Castles services. The false claim of owing money can be dis-proven by cancelled checks, recorded payment history and a written statement saying "Paid in Full" as recorded by Custom Castles. Do you need anything else?

Mary B., 2014-04-09, 08:19PM CDT

Accurate Contact Information for Custume Castles:

Web page -

Address (as provide on site) -Custom Castles, 3300 North Main Street Ste.D, PMB 194, Anderson, SC, 29621

Owner/GM: Damien Brownlee - [email protected] - (864)276-5136

Senior Claims Specialist - John Von der Lieth - [email protected] - (864)414-1037

Insurance Specialist - Adam Schulte - [email protected] - (770)090-9932 actually this number should be (770) 900-9932 - Number inaccuaretely noted on site

Title - New Contact1

[email protected] (123) 555- 1234

Title - New Contact2

[email protected]


Title - New Contact3

[email protected]

(000) 555- 1234

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