The Brick - So much for warranty!

Posted on Wednesday, February 26th, 2014 at 8:16pm CST by Brianna B.

Product: Washer and Dryer

Company: The Brick

Location: 3451 Sunridge Way NE


Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

In early January of 2014, I called to report a problem with my washer and dryer. They explained that although I had warranty, I would need to wait until February 24, 2014 to have someone come out to repair my washer and dryer. The gentleman came out, looked at the machines and explained that they needed parts and he would be unable to fix them. I was a little bit upset but I accepted this. I got a call today explaining that the washing machine part had come in but the earliest a technician could come is March 21, 2014. This means two months without a washing machine or dryer even though I have warranty. I then asked about my dryer. The lady was unable to explain anything to me so I thanked her and called back later in the day. The new phone operator I spoke to advised me that my dryer has been put on a hold. I asked how I was to find out when it would be repaired and she explained that I would have to call to find out. This means that if I had not called, I would not have heard back from the company. I have had to spend a month's worth of laundromat expenses thus far and now will have another month until my washing machine is fixed. I do not even have a date that I will have a dryer to use. What upsets me most is that when I asked the operator where The Brick's customer appreciation or respect is, she explained that this is only happening in Calgary right now as they do not have enough technicians to service the city. For real, you are a large organization. You make millions of dollars. Please do your best to ensure customer satisfaction and stand by your products. I did not pay extra for a warranty so that I can end up paying almost enough for a new washer and dryer in laundromat fees. This is absolutely ridiculous. I then asked for someone to speak to so that I can speak further about my concerns and the service representative explains that I can email and inquire. Are you kidding me? Total disrespect, no customer appreciation, warranty means nothing....never buying from The Brick EVER again and advise the same to everyone.


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