seven eleven - I slipped algnd fell and a big porcelain top crashed on top of me

Posted on Wednesday, February 26th, 2014 at 3:48pm CST by Chris H.

Product: safety

Company: seven eleven

Location: 3020 lee Trevino

Category: Stores, Shopping

Yesterday I went into seven eleven asked store Mgr Liz of I could use restroom. she said yes. when I went in there I didn't notice there was about a two foot square puddle of urine and toilet water that had leaked all over the floor I slipped fell hit my knee my hip part of my head even though the other side of my neck is what hurts kinda weird. the big porcelain top of the toilet then fell off the toilet and crashed on top of me by then decided once I could get my bearings in my balance again to try and cover some of the mess up with some more paper towels because it was everywhere all my clothes in my eye and all over the floor while the store manager Liz came in to inspect it and see it because she told me that she did actually see a puddle of water with a piece of toilet paper in it but it got too busy to clean it and then forgot to get back to it. she then allowed another customer to use the restroom which I would believe do the incident should not have been allowed to do when he came out and of course I video recorded this on my phone and took multiple pictures but On video recording he did actually agree with me that he saw the big puddle water and it was a mess I also have Liz stating she saw the water and did nothing about it and allowed another customer to use it after the incident what kills me the most is the fact that she never once asked if I was okay......


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