Progressive Insurance - "OH NO FLO-GOTTA GO"

Posted on Tuesday, February 25th, 2014 at 4:41pm CST by SHAWNA K.

Product: Insurance Company

Company: Progressive Insurance

Location: US


Category: Products, Services

I have been insured with Progressive since 2012. I am writing this in regards to let you know how unfair Progressive has treated and discriminated against their African American insurers who live in an urban area.

I understand that there is policy and procedures have to be followed and each claim has to be investigated to the fullest, I don?t have an issue with that. I have cooperated with the claims adjuster with no hesitation, and this has been drawn out. In my opinion, I am aware that the claim adjuster sole purpose when investigating a claim is to look for all the red flags and deny the claim so that your quota and your numbers can be met. So that everyone across the board can receive a nice hefty bonus. But I don?t think the good ones should have to suffer and be penalized. If you look into my insurance company background history, you can see that this is not a reoccurring incident for me. I have had my car stolen once before now approximately over 15 years ago. I also use an insurance broker and he has also agreed to speak on my behalf regarding my history. But none of these things have been taken into consideration as a positive. Where is the loyalty to the insured, when we are loyal to you as a company? We pay our premiums for these types of unfortunate incidents, not just accidents. We all know that there are dishonest people out here and don?t respect a person?s property and like to take what don?t belongs to them. Regrettably, these things happens in everyone?s neighborhood.

I was an unfortunate victim of an auto theft on November 7, 2013. After filing my police report and contacting Progressive, I thought things will go over smoothly. That is not the case at all. After providing all my phone and financial records as requested to the insurance company, I feel like I am being targeted as a suspect and treated like a criminal. But not only was I being investigated, they interrogated my mother, my father, my daughter, and my boyfriend, asking them questions that did not pertain to my claim. For example, asking my daughter where does her son sleep? And where do my mother and father sleep? How many bedrooms are in the apartment? Where does my daughter work? What does these questions have to do with my stolen car claim? This is a total insult on a hardworking single black woman who lives in Newark, who has never been late on a car payment or car insurance payment, until recently due to this unfortunate incident and their lack of concern. I feel if I was Caucasian and lived in a different area, ex Short Hills or Paramus, neither I nor my family members would have been so insulted. To this day this claim is still not settled and to add insult to injury, my mother and I have been scheduled for an examination under oath. I researched the web and contacted a gentleman name Rob Painter to see if he can help. I have never been so humiliated in my life by a company. I never thought Progressive would treat their insured this way. I am a victim who has been violated, not only me, but my parents and child as well. This is so unfair. What kind of company interrogates someone elderly parents and their child? I am appalled on how this situation is being handled. I had to contact the claims representatives just to get a status on how things were coming along. I couldn?t even get a phone call to say ?Ms. Kates we are still waiting on the reports? or ?Ms. Kates we are still investigating your claim?. No correspondence was done from Progressive unless I initiated it. They say they would call me back, and wouldn?t. They would say that they would have an answer for me on one day, and when I call them b/c again they didn?t reach out, the adjuster would have another excuse. This is so unacceptable.

Progressive is NOT A GOOD company to have insurance with b/c if you need them for help, they will not help and treat you like dirt. But they make sure they take your insurance premium every month!! I will tell my story to whoever will listen until this is settled. Even if I have to contact the media, websites, newspapers to show how Progressive treats there loyal insured and how I am being treated and discriminated on.

I spoke to one of your representatives one day when my insurance premium was increased and the rep informed me that I lived in a high risk area. So If I am paying more money for insurance just in case something like this happen, then why I am being treated like this?

I just wanted the Corporate Head to know what goes on at the bottom. How your employees represents Progressive, which means they represents YOU as well. Again, where is the loyalty and respect??


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