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Posted on Monday, February 24th, 2014 at 3:39pm CST by a425a651

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February 24, 2014

Let me start by saying that we have been with Charter for over 30 years. We never had a problem with them until this time last year. Know that this is long but please bear with me.

Turned on the TV on a Tuesday morning and did not get all the channels. Called customer NO service. Was told that on the last bill sent out that we would have to have a box to get the channels. Since our bill is sent to the bank and then paid through on line bill pay we do not see a bill. That is when we found out that we had to make an appointment for a tech to come out and install the boxes to get the signal. Was asked how many sets that we had. Now keep in mind that we have 2 cable ready HD TV?s with one cable wire coming in going to a splitter. We were told that we had to ?Rent these boxes? and that our bill would go up about $15.

Two Techs showed up on Thursday after Lunch at the time frame given. One smelled of alcohol very heavily. The other we were not sure of. Told the wife to watch this one doing the installing of the TV boxes while I watched the other one. One went to work installing the boxes on the 2 tv?s while the other went outside and started drill holes in the side of the house for a large grey box. When asked why the large box he said that was required to protect the connection. Ask him not to put that box on the side of the house. He did any way. The connection has been out there 30 years, without a box, at least and never had a problem. Then he strung a green wire across the side of the house. Asked what that was for and was told that it was a ground wire. He did not fasten it to the side of the house with anything in the 10 foot run and left it hanging. There is a ground rod about 8 feet long in the ground directly below the connection and ask him to use that for the ground and staple it to the door frame siding. This was done at the original install 30 years ago. Was informed that was not a proper ground and he was required to hook the ground to that box, that box is not grounded and it was insulated. Let me say that I have run Cat 5 cable and other low voltage cable for computers and audio visual equipment. Had we did that type of job for one of our customers we would have lost our jobs. Very poor workman ship as well as work ethics.

One of the boxes is HD and the other one is a standard box. These techs left and did not clean up their mess.

Went to watch a channel that we got without the boxes and could not get it. Went to the Duluth Georgia on Friday morning. They said that they could send out a signal and we would receive that channel and the others on that list. While he was doing that at the office called the wife at home and ask her to check each channel. None of them came in on either set. Said he did not know what the problem was. He would schedule a Tech to come out and have a look at the system. He scheduled a signal tech to come out but would not be there until Sunday AM.

While in the office told the customer service representative about the 2 techs who came out. He was shocked to hear about that. He informed us that they were contractors for Charter. Do not care, they represented Charter. He gave me free rent on the boxes. A total value of about $14 to keep my business. Thought that this was for the duration of the system, boy were we ever wrong on that.

While waiting for the tech to come by a friend who does this type work and I took the large grey box off the side of the house and ran the connector inside the basement, as we requested the Charter tech to do, and attached it to the rim joist out of the weather and connected the ground wire to the ground that was 8 feet in the ground.

The tech came by on Sunday with his meters and checked the system. Told him what we had done with the wiring and showed him the pictures of the job that was done by the two previous techs. He said that what we did was a professional job.

The tech had to climb the pole and found some filters that have been on the system since 1981 when the system was originally installed. Came bake inside and found that both boxes were set to 480 DPI NOT HD, which I was paying for. He said that something happened to one box while the office was sending out the signal. It would have to be replaced. This tech worked for Charter and not a contractor. He did have to make a call to an associate to ask questions in order to resolve our problem, but did get it resolved. He said that the install techs did not do their jobs. We were very pleased with this service tech.

We took the damaged box back and exchanged for a working box. This time I hooked it up and it works fine. Getting 1080 dpi on HD now.

This past week we get a letter from Charter saying that or rate was going up. That we now must pay rent on the boxes and an increase In price. Went back to the office to ask why my new bill was going to be $72+. Why that much since the letter said from 54.99 to 59.99. Box rental and taxes was the reply. That is not what the letter says.Thought that we did not have to pay rent on the boxes? ?you do now? was her reply. Told her that we were retired and on a fixed income and asked if there was a different rate or discounts for being over 65. ?NO discounts NO special rates for anyone, you can pay it or we disconnect?. Was told that we could sign up for the Charter rewards program. Ask what this was and was told that we could get ?Gifts and prepaid Visa cards? for using Charter services like pay per view and movies along with the 125 channels of TV. ( We watch less than 20 channels around here. We do not watch the Spanish channels or the shopping channels or music channels.) This a free service. Told her nothing was free some one has to pay for all the ?gifts and prepaid Visa cards? along with the cost of keeping up with who has what. Why not do away with the Charter rewards program and lower everybody?s cable bill. There is no such thing as a free lunch some one has to pay for it. Lower the rates and get more business.

While in the office a gentleman came in with 3 boxes and remotes. He slammed them on the counter next to me, not put them on the counter but SLAMMED them on the counter. Told the lady behind the counter that he ?got smarter and ditched Charter?. He was going with some one else. I asked him who he was going with while they were giving him his disconnect and box receipt. ?Tell you outside? was his reply. Went outside and spoke to him and a manager came out and asked us to leave Charter property. He told the manager that he could find the wires for Charter tied to the pole and outside of his house. This man never raised his voice to anyone.

At this time looking around for another service but finding out that all of them are about the same as Charter. Next stop is to write a letter to the Georgia Public Service Commission.

Would not recommend Charter to anyone for any reason.

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Norm H., 2014-08-29, 04:21PM CDT

I've never done this before - here goes: So, Charter confirmed with me 3 times on the phone (took a total of over 3 hours of my time to get this clear as a bell) with 6 different representatives: "sir, your bill has gone up $27 per month because the 1st year promotional rate has ended and you are now on your 2nd year rate" - so, did anyone explain that when I signed up? NO - here are the 3 options my Charter rep explained to me on how I can reduce my rate: #1. Reduce your services, cut back channels, return some equipment - So, REDUCE the quality of our product and we will reduce your bill. #2. Go compare with our competitors to see if you can get anything better - nice customer service there, right?! and #3. here's the best one of all - DISCONNECT YOUR SERVICE FOR 30 DAYS, and we'll be able to get your the promotional rate for another year, go ahead, people do it all the time. That is the wonderful customer service I am receiving from a company that i just spent $2000 with over the last year. Yes, Virginia, I will be contacting your competitors to compare service - and posting this at least 1000 times on every blog i can find - have a nice day sir!

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