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Posted on Monday, February 24th, 2014 at 11:39pm CST by Danie C.

Company: Tony's Sewing Machines

Location: 20 Edward Ave. Biddeford Maine

Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

My horrible experience from Tony?s Sewing Machines 20 Edward Ave. Biddeford ME

I?m so angry right now because of the business? unethical tactics. See if you?re just as outraged!

I decided to buy to a sewing machine from Tony?s Sewing Machines 20 Edward Ave. in Biddeford Maine because of a recommendation from a friend. Tony said he was out of the model I wanted like my friends but they were expecting another delivery in the next week. He asked that I give them my name etc., wrote down the model and the $120.00 price and would call.

On Feb 24th I explained to the clerk that I spoke with that I?d waited a while but so far hadn?t heard from them. She pulled my information seeing I'd waited 8 weeks and told me that the owner?s wife said she?d give me the next model up for the same price. I asked what was the difference and the clerk responded that it had a few extra buttons than the model I ordered. She also said they closed at 5.

I wasn?t at home so I drove up to Biddeford, paying the $5 in tolls. When I got there the clerk got my new machine and told me I could come for the lessons how to operate it and sewing lessons. As I started to give her my cash, she said, ?The Owner?s Wife said she can?t sell it to you at that price.?

I was dumbfounded! I explained that the only reason I drove all that way today was because she said she?d give me the model for the same price. Then the owner?s wife came out and tried to justify it by saying she wouldn?t make a profit so she had to add an additional $25.00. She said they were selling on the internet much higher. I don?t buy sewing machines or anything mechanical on the internet because I worry they?ll be damaged in the transport.

That?s when things took a turn. I explained that it was going to cost me $10 in tolls and probably $15.00 in gas because of what she had stated earlier. She didn?t care. Her answer was ?I can?t lose money!? to which I replied calmly but firmly ? ?you already are costing me about $25.00 to find out that you are not keeping your word!? She didn?t care. I said that the cost of the machine was on the slip that they wrote up on Dec 12th and she should have said something then. She denied she?d seen the slip. I told her I didn?t even know the model number at the time but she did. She informed me her husband wasn?t in and I could come back tomorrow to see what he decided.

Was she nuts? She then said she?d try to call him but she didn?t think she?d reach him and went out back. Meanwhile the clerk that worked there told me she felt terrible that I?d come all that way and she was so sorry. Then she said that she would personally pay the difference for all my trouble. I told her it wasn?t her fault and she was an employee and the owners were responsible for keeping their word. After about 15 minutes she went out back to see what was keeping the owner and returned a few minutes later to say that Tony said I could get the machine at the price of the original machine. The wife NEVER came back out ? which I felt was a bit shabby, but at least they were keeping their word. Then the clerk said ?but he won?t let you take the lessons for that price." I was dumbfounded again!

So here is my answer to being treated so poorly! It will have to be one hell of an apology to make me take this down. This is a small community where everyone knows everyone so why would they do such a stupid thing? SO MUCH FOR THEIR WORD AND CUSTOMER SERVICE!


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