Sienna Park apt - How is this right

Posted on Saturday, February 22nd, 2014 at 3:28pm CST by unfair t.

Company: Sienna Park apt

Location: TACOMA, WA, 98444, US

Category: Real Estate

Sienna Park apartments are a joke. We live a quiet life and always pay our rent/bills to them. 2mo. ago we had a leak from the toilet upstairs and it was pretty bad, water gushed out of all door jams in the back half of the apt and into our master bedroom exposing the drywall and streaming out of our smoke detector. After calling emergency maintenance he ends up going upstairs never coming to ours to see the 8 good sized baking bowls it took to catch the water and to see how soaked our carpets were (from a toilet) about a wk, late I go to the office and ask why nobody came. They said someone did take care of it *NO THEY WENT UPSTAIRS!!!!!so I said well I NEED a smoke detector it is winter and fireplaces are being used I have children and to have that nasty carpet shampooed luckily a carpet company was on site and ended up spraying antibacterial down. Still no smoke detector. Well to make matters worse 2wks after leak they send us a note stating our rent is going to go up. Now 2 nights ago again another leak this time worse same areas but more intense. My husband went into the office furious that the last leak was never taken care of a we have been living for two months w/o a smoke detector and how can they up our rent w/o fixing anything or providing an up to code apt. this morning they provided a smoke detector Because they knew we were going to file a complaint and made sure we knew we had to pay the increase in rent. 2 MONTHS W/O A SMOKE DETECTOR IS A CRIME FOR THEM TO DO THAT. Oh but you must have renters insurance because they have fireplaces which we still had to pay..they have already previously had a building burn!!!!!!!


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