PurdyPuppy - False and Misleading Advertising

Posted on Friday, February 21st, 2014 at 12:51pm CST by Carmen M.

Product: Pets/Puppy Sales

Company: PurdyPuppy

Location: 6090 ? 10 Sideroad Innisfil, Ontario

URL: Purdypuppy.com

Category: Pets, Animals

I emailed this puppy seller on Feb 20/14 to enquire about the parents of the puppies they sell. I also visited them last year when considering buying my first dog at that time(pure bred and/or poodle mix) and I am now considering a second dog. They have never been able to produce either the actual mother of the dog(s) I was interested in nor are there any photos of parents on their website, no health testing information available, and no pedigree information, even for their purebred dogs (they claimed you can't get a pedigree for a mixed dog but that is not true).

They claim to be a breeder, yet they are elusive and vague when you ask them these questions, which a TRUE breeder would be able to answer. I am concerned that they are misrepresenting themselves as breeders, when they are most certainly just puppy brokers supporting puppy mills. This is dishonest, false advertising!


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