PurdyPuppy - False and Misleading Advertising

Posted on Friday, February 21st, 2014 at 12:51pm CST by Carmen M.

Product: Pets/Puppy Sales

Company: PurdyPuppy

Location: 6090 ? 10 Sideroad Innisfil, Ontario

URL: Purdypuppy.com

Category: Pets, Animals

I emailed this puppy seller on Feb 20/14 to enquire about the parents of the puppies they sell. I also visited them last year when considering buying my first dog at that time(pure bred and/or poodle mix) and I am now considering a second dog. They have never been able to produce either the actual mother of the dog(s) I was interested in nor are there any photos of parents on their website, no health testing information available, and no pedigree information, even for their purebred dogs (they claimed you can't get a pedigree for a mixed dog but that is not true).

They claim to be a breeder, yet they are elusive and vague when you ask them these questions, which a TRUE breeder would be able to answer. I am concerned that they are misrepresenting themselves as breeders, when they are most certainly just puppy brokers supporting puppy mills. This is dishonest, false advertising!

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4945eaa8, 2016-01-27, 05:14PM CST

STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE . I never wrote a review before, but I felt the need to to so after me and my two young children saw and experience at Purdy Puppy.To Start, a few years back with out much research we bought a shih tzu puppy from Purdy Pupy. Unfortunately due to allergies we had to give it a way, but the love for a puppy never went away especially for my daughter who recently outgrew her allergies. We walked in and we were asked from Angie which puppy we would like to see first.(we booked to see a maltipoo and morkie) A black maltipoo with little white spots was brought in. My daughter did a lot of research and knows her dogs. She asked to see the parents. A ginger colour toy poodle(mom) was brought in and soon after malties (dad) came.100% was not Maltese. it was close to 10lb and my daughter said this looks like Coton de tulear ( we just saw a very similar coton de tulear listed on her web) As I was trying to fit her schedule, I was still at work so I took a phone call. She ask me to go outside and talk and I was fine with that, few minutes later the cute morkie was brought in. While my kids were checking it out i had to take another phone call, This time i walked outs side with out asking. A minute later Angie came outside ( i found out later that my daughter asked her to see the parents and she came out instead ) and very rudely told me that she has another appointment in few minutes and is very rude to talk on a phone while on appointment. I explained that the appointment was for my daughter and son and she knows everything about the dogs and she is the one making decision. At that point we knew that we had to leave and I called my kids. We were reminded by Angie to do so. I told her that this was very rude especially for a repeat costumer. At that moment a believe her husband came out( already being on a phone with some one sounded like heated conversation taking place the whole time while we where there) and told us in front of the kids to get the F***out of his house and stuck his tongue out to me in front of my 10 years old son and teenage daughter. ....No further comment needed. Puppy mill dogs broker its a right think to say. Do your Home Work. I hope I will never write another negative review being a person who turns most thinks in positive.Never seen more rude people to costumers , dealing with costumers my self in my own business for majority of my life.

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