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Posted on Friday, February 28th, 2014 at 7:30am CST by Christina

Product: Magazine

Company: Better Homes and Gardens

Location: US

Category: Magazines, Newspapers

I just received an issue of Better Homes and Gardens dated March, 2014.

I did not order this magazine. I can not locate any way to get in touch with them. I did not subscribe to any magazines and I certainly do not want this one. I have no idea how I received it. I definitely want to resolve this before I get a bill or any more magazines.

Is this a scam? Where did they get my name and address?

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frances r., 2014-06-23, 01:55PM CDT

I purchased a beautiful, luxurious, red plush blanket for the guest room bed, as I had a throw of the same color and material on the bed already, and thought it would be lovely in there. And it was...until I used it! I have red lint everywhere! It is on the bed linens, bedspread, pillows, bedclothes, in my HAIR! I figured I would pop it in the dryer and shed some of the lint, but it didn't work. So I washed it, and dried it with three dryer sheets...still shedding! And it turned my dryer sheets red as well! Not to mention the washer was full of red lint after the wash. I had to empty the filter screen on the dryer constantly, as it was filling up with a thick layer of red lint! The throw never did anything like this. Needless to say I am very disappointed, as it is a beautiful blanket, but I have packed it up and intend to give it to charity. I won't be buying another blanket from this company again anytime soon...too much work cleaning up after it!

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