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Posted on Thursday, February 20th, 2014 at 10:43am CST by 7b7fbdd9

Company: Goodlife Fitness

Location: US

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This actually happened a while ago, but I am still pretty upset about it every time I think back to it. Probably my worst service experience ever.

About 2 years ago when I was looking for a gym to join, I was doing some research online and found that Goodlife was offering a free 2 week trial to people considering signing up. I thought this was great as it would give me an opportunity to get a feel for the facility and see if I liked the location, people and equipment/lay out. I call the club and I was told to come in person. I showed up about 2 hours later, when they said they had time to see me, and I spoke to one of the girls in her office (she no longer works there). My friend also came with me for the same purpose of wanting to get a 2 week trial.

As soon as she came up and spoke to us, she introduced herself and handed us 2 papers to fill out with some personal information (name, address, phone number, date of birth, signature etc.). At this point, I didn't think much of this as this was likely how they'd get my information to sign me up for the 2 week trial and possibly keep in contact with me afterwards. So I filled out the form and signed at the bottom. My friend and I were barely able to fill out the thing properly, the girl was constantly talking throughout the process and telling us that as soon as we filled it out we could get our trial, she was clearly rushing us. She said things like "just sign the bottom and you can start your 2 week trial" or "just finish that up quickly and we can get you started". We barely had time to read the thing.

After filling out the papers, we thought we were done, but no, she collected the papers and told us we just signed two one year contracts to join the gym and that she now needed our banking information to set up the withdrawals. At this point I was shocked and so was my friend, we just got rushed, misinformed and full out taken advantage of/tricked into signing contracts. I provided my banking info. as I needed a gym to work out at anyway, but my friend was really reluctant as he only wanted the trial to show me the basics as he already had a gym. She then said, "okay, you can start your free two weeks now!". How does that in any way define free? We just got scammed into signing a contract. Please keep in mind that at NO POINT did she tell us we were signing a contract or mention anything about signing up for the gym.

After we got out, we were shocked and disappointed. We went back the next day to find out if there was any way we could get out of the contract and the person working at the front desk told us that there was a cancellation fee of around $200. He didn't tell us however that according to the law, a customer has 10 days to cancel their contract without penalty and free of charge, as a form of customer security (written on the back of the contract). My friend did this and when I told the worker at the front desk about this the next day, he acted surprised, but he clearly knew that this was an option we had but just never told us.

In the end, I stuck around and like the gym itself. I still workout here and enjoy it, but my friend cancelled his contract free of charge. I cannot believe we were taken advantage of in that manner and fully tricked. My friend later told the club manager and he even said "yeah, what she did wasn't right at all". The girl no longer works there as mentioned (I think she quit, not fired) and they've gotten rid of a lot of their old staff and acquired new staff. I will never forget this moment though, and they're extremely lucky I needed a gym to workout at (I happen to know a few friends who go there which is why I chose this location) or else I would've cancelled as well and made sure they knew what they did was wrong.


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