Telephone Scam - Fake Microsoft Telephone Scam

Posted on Thursday, February 20th, 2014 at 9:52am CST by 7b7fbdd9

Company: Telephone Scam

Location: US

Category: Scam Contests

On a few different occasions, I have gotten phone calls at home by someone claiming to be a Microsoft specialist saying that they have been detecting critical errors on my computer. The person spoke with a heavy Indian accent. I knew right away that this was a scam, but decided to have a listen to what else they had to say.

As the phone conversation continued, they told me that they could walk me through on how to fix it and asked me to go in front of my computer and await further instruction as they would put me through to a technical specialist. The "specialist" told me to open my run box on my computer and enter a command that apparently showed critical errors. He then tried to get me to go to a website which was completely irrelevant to Microsoft, which I never went to. After I had enough, I told them not to call back again.

After doing more research, I found out that this is a popular scam that people all over the world are experiencing. Apparently these calls come from a call center somewhere, likely in India, and the people on the other end try and get you to download some of their software which acts as an "anti-virus". Of course, the software is likely some kind of spyware that they use to collect your personal information. On top of this, you apparently have to pay for the software by using your credit card. On certain occasions, the "technical expert" even asks for remote access of your computer to help guide you through the process. For those of you who don't know what remote access is, it allows the other person to take control of your computer temporarily while you watch so that they can guide you through the process. Anyone with common sense knows that this is obviously a bad idea.

I am just posting this to warn people as many senior citizens, younger people or just people in general who don't know computers may get scammed into this.


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