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Posted on Thursday, February 20th, 2014 at 10:04am CST by 7b7fbdd9

Company: Scarborough Mirror

Location: TORONTO, ON, CA

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The Scarborough Mirror really needs to monitor who delivers their papers. In my neighborhood, the people delivering the news paper are a group of kids. When I say kids, I mean that they are no older than the age of 12. They deliver the newspapers unsupervised (no adults are around anywhere) and do a bad job at it. On windy days, they just drop the newspaper on the front steps of houses instead of in the mailbox or in a secure area, so within seconds the papers are blowing all over the streets. For about the past 3 weeks now, no papers have even been delivered to our house. When asking why this was to one of the delivery kids, his answer was simply "we heard that you didn't want the newspaper anymore". Who possibly could've told him this?

I don't know if the Scarborough Mirror is even aware of this, but we have called into their customer service line more than once and explained to them the situation, but the issue was never really fully resolved. Also, why are there children delivering these newspapers without any adult supervision?


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550dcfb3, 2015-05-11, 05:32PM CDT

Your delivery person always throws the paper at our property, either hitting our windows or door. He throws the paper, which ways several pounds, from the kerb at our house. We have watched him in person several times doing this and we frequently get woken up early in the morning, from 5:00AM on, when he throws the paper at our windows.

We have had to replace the fly screen at our door twice, we are waiting for our front window to break.

I have personally repeatedly told that person to stop delivering to our address. We have frequently told the Scarborough Mirror to stop delivering to us. I have personally followed the delivery person up the street and watched him throw the paper at several houses, often with the same effect.

Your delivery person is seriously underage, no adult supervision is ever seen, you are employing minors .

We have signs posted on the mail box that we do not wish delivery, it is always ignored

Throwing heavy objects at someones windows in the middle of the night is covered under the criminal code,

You are also given notice to inform the delivery person effective immediately, that should he trespass on my property one more time I will remove him by physical force.

We have complained about your paper for several years, you continue to violate our rights. If you continue to do so, you will face litigation.

Govern Yourself accordingly

ec955b37, 2015-07-16, 02:13PM CDT

I love the paper and all the flyers. Only once before have I not received my paper. Today was the second time. This is not a complaint, I just wondered why I did not receive the paper today. 33 Sophia Drive, Side door, Scarborough, Ontario

Anna G., 2015-11-27, 04:21PM CST

It is Friday, November 27, 5:15 p.m. and no paper was delivered so far. I did not get it last week either. It is totally useless to me on Saturday because I leave early morning to avoid the crowds. I noticed that you haven't been successful with the delivery personnel in the Shorewiev / Darlingside /Coronation area. I wouldn't be surprised if your paper ended up in some big recycling bin because the delivery people were not in the mood to do their job. I hope, also for the sake of the sponsors and advertising companies, that this problem will be fixed sooner than later.


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