Scarborough Mirror - Scarborough Mirror Newspaper (Toronto, ON)

Posted on Thursday, February 20th, 2014 at 10:04am CST by 7b7fbdd9

Company: Scarborough Mirror

Location: TORONTO, ON, CA

Category: News, Media

The Scarborough Mirror really needs to monitor who delivers their papers. In my neighborhood, the people delivering the news paper are a group of kids. When I say kids, I mean that they are no older than the age of 12. They deliver the newspapers unsupervised (no adults are around anywhere) and do a bad job at it. On windy days, they just drop the newspaper on the front steps of houses instead of in the mailbox or in a secure area, so within seconds the papers are blowing all over the streets. For about the past 3 weeks now, no papers have even been delivered to our house. When asking why this was to one of the delivery kids, his answer was simply "we heard that you didn't want the newspaper anymore". Who possibly could've told him this?

I don't know if the Scarborough Mirror is even aware of this, but we have called into their customer service line more than once and explained to them the situation, but the issue was never really fully resolved. Also, why are there children delivering these newspapers without any adult supervision?


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