Universal Wall & Ceiling Corp. - Avoid This Langley, BC, Canada Based Drywall Company

Posted on Sunday, February 16th, 2014 at 1:49pm CST by William F.

Product: Drywall installer finisher

Company: Universal Wall & Ceiling Corp.

Location: 21609 50 B Avenue

Category: Building, Construction

We used this company to drywall our new home. Their price was reasonable and therefore accepted. This new home is small at 2000 square feet; however, universal Wall & Ceiling took over four months to complete this task. The wall board was installed immediately after which we paid them half of the estimate--our first mistake. We took them at their word.

Why did it take so long? They would tell us they were coming, but did not show. When the mudding was complete (by their standards), we regularly called them back to fix their poor work. As they have a great difficulty following instruction, what they might have fixed in one trip required three trips. Further, when executing their repairs, they would put mud where we did not ask for it. We created markers so there could be no question about what to repair, but even though we were on site and giving them the necessary instruction, poorly executed reapairs and placement of mud where we didn't want it caused us much extra sanding and painting. They did not seem to care at all about either the tremendous amount of time they took, nor about the extra time and money they cost us.

In terms of quality of job, after four months it should have been perfect. We had discussed a high quality finish for our home with their frontman, Dieter,, but close analysis showed it to be average or below. To be fair, most of the work did not require repair, but jobs are made of details, and the sloppy work in many areas overshadowed those elements of the job that were passable.

So, they will make promises and not keep them. They will promise high quality work and not deliver. They will promise deadlines, and fail to meet these. They will tell you they will arrive to do work, and neither show up nor phone to say why at least one half of the time. In the end, they said three weeks to completion, and took four months before we parted grudginly with the final payment. We were never completely satisfied but simply tired of dealing with them.

The real test of a drywall company is how well they attend to areas that are not readily visible like closets, One closet in particular looked like it was finished by a complete novice, well after having them "fix" it three times. The topper was when we informed them that at this rate, they might have difficulty collecting the agreed sum in total. One owner, Detlev, said they could be difficult too. This we took as the threat it was. In short, avoid Dieter, Detlev, and Universal Wall & Ceiling Corp of Langley, BC. They do not come anywhere near being worth the trouble.


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