Advantage Education - $ Fraud, Undelivered Promises, CC Abuse, No Refunds

Posted on Friday, February 14th, 2014 at 9:44pm CST by Q U.

Product: Education

Company: Advantage Education

Location: 65 E. Wadsworth Park Drive Suite 230
DRAPER, UT, 84020, US


Category: Education

I was defrauded by A-e to sign up for over $$$$ in exchange for access to info they claim to have for online selling: What to sell, how to price, trends, analytics & metrics. Their fraud included a scam MLM company called WUN & another, PCS, through an array of shrewd salesman pitching unnecessary services for $$$ dollars in addition to tuition. Once signed up with A-e, that level of corp. structure is unreachable. Classes offered by A-e are geared to 1st time business people. They fail to disclose specifically what you will learn, when & where on their website to find it. They overtalk your objections, Make empty promises to change your direction. Multiple people bearing diff titles contact you to confuse & confound. You are obligated to use their services & proprietary software as THEY choose to guide you, & each service offered has a time limit w/no guarantees. In 2 wks they have yet to lead me to their original promised land. Instead they 1st recruit for a MLM co. (If it sounds like a duck, acts like a duck, it's likely a duck -but they ascribe any description they want you to believe & hear. Fraud Alert! Stay Away! These are well-primed artists at Bait & Switch: Predators, Opportunistic Vultures. They are deaf to complaints and DARE you to dispute. Want to resolve? Admit we don't fit. CC refund is due


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99e45185, 2014-07-21, 09:59PM CDT

Please understand that the address, and web address is wrong but you do have the correct information. I am currently in the writing stages of a documentary on this industry - specifically in Utah. This company moved from Draper, Utah to Lehi, Utah. Their company web address is respectfully. You will notice that ANY company that puts the "OBB" (Online Business Bureau) - STAY AWAY! This is merrely a fake BBB and if anyone complains - you just pay a fee and within 3 days it is removed! The correct address is now 3300 North Running Creek Way, Lehi Utah.

2e307147, 2014-11-10, 01:27AM CST

I to am finding getting anywhere with this company is difficult, I have had only 2 real calls from instructors and its been 2 different ones and neither had any idea what I was doing what level I have completed I started my program October 2, I also had a legal and financial company call me that was given my info I managed to get away from them with no money, not so lucky with the drop-shipping company they gave my info too, I tried to cancel within my 3 day period and some how I did not but do not remember once agreeing to stay with the program.

ddb217e9, 2015-12-21, 04:43PM CST

This company is a total scam. High pressure. Coaching is a joke. They charge amounts based on how much they can put on your cc. $15,000 to them. Other companies call and misrepresent

who they are. They need to be shut down!!

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